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Recent content by Stanley Lambchop

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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    Great, thanks. I’ll get Mrs Lambchop to turn on the charm!
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    I’m flying out of LHR to HEL on AY with Mrs Lambchop and 2 kids. I’m WP. Do we all get access to the QF lounge in LHR? We have always benefited from the Qantas child access rules before when flying out of LHR on QF metal and/or flight numbers, but wasn’t sure if that also applied if travelling...
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    As QF WP I successfully guested my wife and 2 kids into the EK F lounge in Dubai in January, travelling from DXB to SYD on EK metal (QF flight number).
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    Lounge Meets May 2019

    Stanley Lambchop 15 May QF577 SYD QF J lounge from about 11.30am until departure 15 May QF9 PER QF Int’l Transit Lounge prior to QF9 departure 20 May QF2 LHR QF lounge from about 7.00pm until QF2 departure Can guest 1 for each flight.
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    EK flight seat selection and experience

    Just to add to the above, QF flights were helped by being in 32/33 A&B in the mini Y cabin. On our EK flights we were 4 across the middle at the back of the front Y section.
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    EK flight seat selection and experience

    Just got back from DXB-SYD in Y with the family on EK. In flight experience OK but nothing special. The ICE entertainment is very good though. Zero recognition / acknowledgement of QF WP status other than being given a fast track arrivals card. There seems to have been a recent change in access...
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Saw Roger Federer (plus wife and entourage), Mark Webber and Rove McManus all in a single visit to the EK F lounge in DXB on Tuesday
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Thrilled to belatedly confirm the Upgrade Fairy worked her magic for Team Lambchop (1 x WP and 3 x NB). 4 x Y to J upgrades on QF2 from SIN-LHR on 28 Dec! Godsend on an overnight flight with 2 kids! Confirmed at T-30.
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    2x Y to J upgrades on QF81 to SIN tomorrow confirmed at T-28.
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    Another QF 50% SC offer

    Great, thanks Hvr. Looks like I will get to enjoy a year of WP!
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    Another QF 50% SC offer

    I got the offer and am travelling between 21 and 26 Feb. My year end is 28 Feb. Do the double SCs count/post in the year they are earned or just when they hit the statement? I need them by 28 Feb to hit WP! They are not (as) much good to me if they take a few days to post and count in the...
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    Lounge Meets October 2017

    18 Oct Stanley Lambchop QF1 Dep SYD Lounge: QF J from c.14.30 Can guest 1 22 Oct Stanley Lambchop QF2 Dep LHR Lounge: New QF J if open, CX J if not from c.19.30 Can guest 1
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    Am I a weirdo? I never use the IFE

    I don't use it often. If I'm travelling with the family, I'm generally trying to keep the kids amused/make sure they are not annoying other passengers. When I'm travelling alone (esp long haul) then a few glasses of wine and uninterrupted time buried in a book is a rare luxury!
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    Transit times international to domestic in DFW flying QF / AA

    I had a similar issue connecting through LAX to LAS earlier this year when the departure time of my connecting AA flight got pulled forward (would have been a 1 hr 55 min connection). I got QF to re-book me on a later AA flight from LAX to LAS (approx 4 hr transit) to be certain of making my...
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    How many flights do you take each year?

    Average about 30 or so domestic for work (all in Y) and 12-15 leisure (domestic and international) mix of Y, Y+ and the occasional (but all too infrequent!!) J.