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    help with KrisFlyer redemption

    Hi, I need to get from Perth (PER) to Sarajevo (SJJ) using KrisFlyer miles in J. I understand that getting direct to SJJ is not possible, but looking for recommendation on other European destinations which I can then maybe purchase a ticket onwards. Whilst I need three J seats (2A & 1C) is it...
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    Redemption Ticket taxes using Kris Flrer points on NZ & Infant Booking

    I made an infant booking PER - FRA, FRA - JFK, JFK - PER and SQ charged me 10% off the full fare J which equate to approx. AUD1700. Just used ITA tool and that costs infant at approx. AUD1100. Have I been ripped of by SQ?
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    Advise on best way to cancel QF red e-deal

    Book a QF PER - MELB return on red e-deal. Unfortunately need to cancel it due to work commitments. Can you please advise the best way to do this. As I understand it, there is a $38 fee to change the booking online, but can I upgrade to a full economy ticket and then get a full refund...
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    I second this information request. I was wondering the same thing.
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    In regards to the application, I have never had a credit card application turn around as quickly as this. I faxed back the acceptance of the offer and had a credit card in my hand five days later. This period included a weekend and delivery to WA. Boy thaey must be keen to get you spending...
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    I can only assume that Citibank does not discriminate between VISA and MCARD. In saying that, I received the offer and I have a VISA. Maybe give Citibank a call and enquire about the offer??
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    Valuair Perth - Singapore Return $299 + Tax

    Qantas page also quotes 29 March to 31 May, $399 + 150 taxes.
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    Extract from letter sent by Citibank Letter sent from Citibank...
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    Has anyone else received a pre-approved Citibank Diners CC letter (a partner to the VISA CC). It appears to bequite attractive (even though Diners is not widely accepted) with: No CC fee (2 for 1 deal as you only pay a fee on the VISA) No additional cardholder fee No membership rewards...
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    2,500 point penalty for date/time changes on award bookings

    Whilst booking 4 'U' class return trips PER-MEL through the QFF call centre, the person mentioned that I would not incur the usual 2,500 point penalty for date/time changes as I was a silver QFF. Is this correct? If so, can I change all the tickets (even those for family members who are...
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    Claim Hotel Stays on QFF booked with

    Just had a pre-paid stay at a Sydney Hotel booked through I asked the hotel for an invoice but as the accommodation was pre-paid, they advised that they could not issue me with one. Sent my documentation to QFF and they requested an invoice from the hotel. Anybody...
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    Commonwealth Bank ... it's not too late for 1 to 1 points

    Website has now been updated!! Just a question...was this 1.5:1 ratio supposed to be for points earned after 1 July, or all points transferred after 1 July?
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    Commonwealth Bank ... it's not too late for 1 to 1 points

    I have a Comm Gold Affinity card (now a Comm Gold card) and the awards screen still says a 1:1 transfer from Gold Awards to QFF....expected it to be 1.5:1. Not sure if the web page has been updated (since 1 July) but, that's what it says.
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    AMEX gives 1.5 points

    Looks like AMEX is extending their 1.5 points offer for $29. Worthwhile taking up?