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    ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure Card

    Just got off the phone now with them, wouldn’t budge on the $170- refund. I persisted, asked to talk to someone else, she went away for a long time and came back and still said no. Then I mentioned others being able to have the refund and doesn’t seem fair (my renew date is 25th October) and she...
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    Targeted Jan '18 Promotions: 2xSC's or 2xPoints or +1K points per flight or nada!

    yea, me also, theres goes my chances of maintaing Gold
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    AMEX Life Insurance - 20k pt Bonus

    was your brother on a supplementary card?
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    ok thanks. i think i'll book separately anyways. but if i did it on 1 ticket for next time, how much would my AUCK>MELB>BRIS earn, a little more? 60 SC + 15 SC ? so i would get an extra 5 SC.
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    oh really? how would that work? would i have to book the AUCK>MELB>BRIS in 1 go ? like a multistop trip ? thanks
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    thanks mate. after lots of searching for cheapest way to achieve my 80 SC I've decided to go: ACK>MEL pre economy 60 SC 04/08 MEL>BRIS restricted economy 10 SC 04/08 BRIS>AUCK discount economy 15 SC 07/08 85 SC $760- but managed to buy $400- Amex credit for cheap, so ends up around $670-...
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    hey all, also first time poster and a recent lurker. been introduced to AMex and points and now also got the free gold velocity membership so trying to keep gold status. im currently in Auckland for 5 months so will be doing from flights from here. was about to book the free return flight on...