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    Ridiculous carry on baggage

    Two or three tier plastic wedding cake.
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    Home Alarm Systems

    I used Melbourne Alarms & Monitoring early this year. Pricing seemed reasonable and I'm happy with the product. New systems can alert your mobile when the alarm activates. I don't see much benefit in monitoring.
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    My first-class bucketlist trip

    Really enjoyed this TR.
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    My first-class bucketlist trip

    Enjoying this TR. Couldn't agree more re Champagne :cool:
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    Glam Tenting in Wilpena Pound, Sth Australia

    Thanks for the TR. I have fond childhood memories of camping in Wilpena Pound.
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    The totally off-topic thread

    Same, 4 - 6 shaves and I throw away the blade.
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    Where does your AFF username come from?

    Mine is a play on a nick I used back on IRC in the mid/late 90's. I change my nick/username for each forum/online activity.
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    Road Rule discussion

    This stretch of road has led to thousands of vehicle collisions. RAA | Membership / SAMotor: The new Britannia
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    Marriage Equality

    Magistrates and Judges in this country 'make laws' regularly.
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    The totally off-topic thread

    He was one of my PE teachers at school
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    Planning a surprise holiday for your other half - have you done it?

    I planned my honeymoon without SWMBO finding out, ADL-KUL-LGK. I told her when we reached the airport.
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Lofty QPPS here and I've received an invite.
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    Qantas Club Membership

    I'm not aware of a QP in coughet.
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    Loading Dishwashers - Cutlery Handles UP or DOWN?

    Funnily enough I couldn't remember which way I face the cutlery when loading the dishwasher this evening. Half are facing up, the other half down. :confused:
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    Grammar Discussions

    Yeah, nah, but...