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Recent content by SheikYerbouti

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    Velocity points on Etihad and SingaporeAir

    I'm in the same boat and would also like to know this.
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    Latest Flybuys Offer

    it's 200 extra Velocity points per 2,000 FB points redeemed, not just a gift of 200 FB points. So if you have say 30,000 FB points, you'd convert them to 16050 VFF points rather than the usual 13050.
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    Connecting Flight & Lounge Passes

    That's right. The pass gets you one entry into one lounge.
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    Sydney to Europe using Velocity points

    You might be right. Maybe I'll buy one Economy SQ Syd-Sin ticket in cash, and buy the second on points, and get both the Sin-Ams legs on points. At least then I get some SCs as well as most of the benefit ofmy points.
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    Question Using VA Points Status Question

    This gives me hope, we are hoping for 2 x J Syd - Europe (happy with many destinations) in Sept 2020, currently have ~600,000 VFF points. So it can be done!
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    Handling overbooked flights

    Yeah I'm happy to pay $129 knowing I am 100% getting to my destination rather than $109 knowing there's a chance I might be bumped and stranded.
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    SCs on a leg added by VA?

    Great, thankyou. No, not a reward booking.
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    SCs on a leg added by VA?

    Quick one for anyone with experience in this. We booked Syd - Christchurch, which has been cancelled and we have been moved to Syd - Bris - Christchurch, so we have 1 extra leg to fly now. If this has happened to you, did you get SCs for the extra flight that Virgin put you on? Thanks - this...
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    Virgin Australia Financials 2019/20

    Never. Better to increase fare cost by $5 than to quote $x for the fare then start adding on all these other things. Especially things that will cause tight-arses to mess up the in-cabin environment.
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    Virgin Australia Financials 2019/20

    If they're like other big organisations, their valuable work will just be heaped onto those who are left, who will be told "do more with less," and "you're lucky to still have your job so suck it up." And sadly those people will believe it.
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    Europcar status match benefits

    I had a free weekend rental recently through status at Europcar that came from VFF, but I booked it all online. IIRC they emailed me a voucher code.
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    Sydney to Europe using Velocity points

    I was hoping to land some SCs though, as I'll need to requal for Gold.
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    Sydney to Europe using Velocity points

    I want to do the same thing, so interested in this thread. Have 600k VFF points, want wife and I to get Europe return in Business class Sept 2020. Ideally buying economy and upgrading on points (so we get SCs for another year of status) but open to all options.
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    Answered VA Status credits question

    Got it. Thanks. I'll leave our Oct trip pooling to my wife as that'll take her to gold. Now how to plan our Sept 2020 trip to both get some SCs towards requalifying, as well as use some of our half a million points to get business class seats....
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    Answered VA Status credits question

    I'm also unsure of something. I'm a Plat but won't requalify, so I'll drop back to Gold in Dec 2019. I have overseas travel booked in Oct 19. Will the SCs accrued on that trip count for my next year's 400 needed to re-qual for Gold? ie do they last for 12 mths, so when I drop to Gold I may...