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Recent content by SheikYerbouti

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    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    Flying QF from Syd at 0830 next Wed, a regional flight. Is the Syd lounge open? Website says "from Sept" but also "closed." I'm not a QFF (I'm a Velocity plat) but was considering buying a pass online to try it out.
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    Krisflyer miles refunds - Taking forever! Anyone else with this problem?

    Requested cancellation Tues. Email received Wed confirming refund of taxes paid in cash, due in 4-6 weeks (like everyone else). KF miles used to buy tickets, credited back into account today.
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    Krisflyer miles refunds - Taking forever! Anyone else with this problem?

    Now that SQ has extended the refund policy to flights up to Nov 30 (booked before Mar) I submitted my cancellation requests today, for flights I had booked for the end of Sept. I immediately received a "Refund request acknowledgement" email, but we'll see how long it takes for points to appear...
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    Velocity & Status credits

    ...assuming that VFF even exists in the new airline.
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Losing J wouldn't bother me, an extra 4 rows of Economy X would still allow the option for something a bit nicer. As people have said, with most flights being under 2.5 hrs its not that big a deal. I hope VFF remains with Lounges, luggage perks, and priority check in stays though, those 3 things...
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    Virgin Australia bookings going forward.

    I had a flight booking Syd - Hobart for the first week of July. Last night I opened the Velocity app to find it has vanished from my "Upcoming trips" tab. I tried to re-add it with my reference number and got the message "You cannot add a cancelled flight." I haven't received any contact from...
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    Latest Flybuys Offer

    Steamrail is Liquorland's home brand. Its horse piss dressed up with "craft style" labelling.
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    who else is trying to stay positive in all of this?

    We have a dream trip to Iceland flying SQ at the end of Sept... we cashed in all our VFF points last Oct. We are holding out hope that flying will be possible, as it's over 5 months away, otherwise hopefully we can change the date to a year later... as for our weekend in Hobart in Jul, remains...
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    Breaking: Man Panic Spends Velocity Points On Fancy Juicer Amid Virgin Flight Suspension Chaos

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    Last months status credits for shopping at Coles?

    Ahhh dammit they were dated 31/3 and I set up pooling to my wife last week so they have gone to my account not hers :(
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    Last months status credits for shopping at Coles?

    Same. Nothing yet and I had 10 coming my way. Well, with the reasonable likelihood of Virgin and Velocity vanishing by August, status will be irrelevant.
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    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    Maybe unrelated but I noticed no Coles-earned SCs have yet hit my VFF account for March, whereas my Feb ones arrived on Mar 1. Not that it matters if Virgin folds, but combined with the stop on KF transfers and gift card redemptions, is this a bad sign?
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    Keep Virgin Australia in the Skies

    I'm signing, but also saw NSW Premier say that travel restrictions and social distancing may be required to be in force till the vaccine is distributed... which could be over a year away 😦
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    Virgin Australia launches 'coronavirus status extension' plan

    Yeah, more and more likely that by August we may be holding worthless membership cards for a non-existent airline.