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Recent content by SF&

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    New Upgrade caculator on qantas.com

    why did take so long in the first place to have this useless tool.
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    Priority Club Point Breaks

    I recently used this for the IC Shenzhen. Exc hotel.
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    Qantas Club Lounge Going Downhill

    1) yes 2) not too bad 3) i like breafast there its adequate, after that pretty poor 4) not always 5) thats new ( added service) and its just as bad outside of the club so? 6) yes 7) not noticed haven't you noticed this since Ansett went broke? Surely you didn't wake up today and notice...
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    Osaka Lounge for Jetstar

    Interesting trip I had JAL to OSAKA which was cancelled due to typhoon so i was put on MU flight so doubt if I'll get my points have to chase em. Anyway arrv'd Osaka had to transfer to the Jal side of the wing as the ANA side was not open so stuffed around a bit. Cldn't find a J* counter to get...
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    Osaka Lounge for Jetstar

    Just an update no ANA lounge access. Was allowed to use asaka lounge. It was very very ordinary.
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    Osaka Lounge for Jetstar

    Does the Ana lounge have showers?
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    Osaka Lounge for Jetstar

    now that is confusing!! Thanks mate I arrive on Jal at 1630 to connect so i was worried i couldn't get a shwr b4 leaving and get changed into warmer clothing. Scored 2D on the way home!! Very happy about that!! Never been to Osaka airport b4 so cheers.
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    Osaka Lounge for Jetstar

    Travelling back J* starclass on sun. Osaka to Sydney. I am Platinum QF so which lounge is avail only the JAL if any? I will be coming into osaka on JAL. The way I read it QF only has assoc lounge in Osaka. Anyone ...?
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    Qantas "New" First Class

    I thought the new F lounges were great... especially for us suckers in cattle class!!
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    The "New" Sydney Hilton. Recent stay report: LONG!

    I usually am pretty lucky I haven't missed since becoming diamond probaly start now go the hawks!!
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    The "New" Sydney Hilton. Recent stay report: LONG!

    Can anyone suggest the better hilton ie better rooms exec floor lounge in London area i am diamond so i get an upgrade i stayed in hilton heathrow and cardiff, glasgow etc but not much in london itself. I don't really care for location so if its outta the way its ok
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    Is eating more important than sleeping ?

    Sleep luv those flat beds why can't we have them on all the red eyes!!! just for the xtra 1 hr snooze!!
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    Qantas, Loyalty and Tiger Airways

    This looks like an endless argument... For me it has to be population or traffic numbers. I can't see Newcastle airport NSW doing the same numbers of traffic and int'l flights as a Luton airport... But the point of the thread is who are we going to choose or are going to stay loyal to the...
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    QC Lounge Access Updated

    maybe i will call and ask the ruling i am sure you must be travelling.
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    Security screening of boarding passes

    i am surprised my razor get through in carry on