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Recent content by serfty

  1. serfty

    Temporary arrangements for Adelaide Domestic Lounge "until Apr 2020"

    Heres a newsletter with a map ...
  2. serfty

    Virgin Lounge Food

    G&T's can be had in Business, just not the "Ink Gin" they sell BoB.
  3. serfty

    Project Sunrise - what is it going to mean for non-Sunrisers?

    Why post in the short term? 'Sunrise' is a long term thing and corona will go away with the development of a vaccine and the economy will "recover" (not that it is bad anyway).
  4. serfty

    China (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    Because by delaying spread as much as possible until a vaccination is developed would be one way to reduce infections and fatalities. A vaccination will happen - the processes for such in relation to Viral infections are well known, it just takes time. (Indeed, there are Swine Flu vaccinations...
  5. serfty

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Not normally domestically. In MEL T3 Sunday night they had some promotional alcoholic RTD in small cans.
  6. serfty

    Global Qantas Double Status Credits Offer (Book 20-26 Feb 2020; Fly: 28 Feb 2020-14 Feb 2021)

    As long as the Booking/PNR is created before.midnight tonight you will be fine. Assuming the Points + Pay booking is eligible to earn SC and you have registered for the promotion and the booking is made before midnight tonight and travel on QF*QF is in the applicable period then double SC should...
  7. serfty

    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Seems not: Special Meal Information | Virgin Australia Perhaps you can still call and have a note put in the reservation.
  8. serfty

    It must be Sydmey Mardi Gras Weekend ...

    These just appeared facebook feed:
  9. serfty

    Upgrading flights on Qantas site fails - "PNR was not found in the URL"

    I suspect you will need to call. Please explain your issue and they should waive any assistance fee.
  10. serfty

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    [moderation hat] Recent political references in this thread are off topic and can be divisive. Any further reference to any politician in this thread will be redacted and the member sanctioned. [/moderation hat]
  11. serfty

    Virgin Australia Financially Secure?

    Except of course that (as maybe referred to upthread), a HND slot has been like "gold" and VA are unlikely to be going to relinquish it easily.
  12. serfty

    The view from my "office"

    Returning from Brisbane last night, I alighted from a train at Carrum and, lo ...
  13. serfty

    Global Qantas Double Status Credits Offer (Book 20-26 Feb 2020; Fly: 28 Feb 2020-14 Feb 2021)

    In the early days of gift vouchers being set up as PNR's one indeed had the opportunity to enter a frequent flyer number when buying. This facilitated bonus point promotions where for example 10 bonus points per $ could be earned. See this thread from December 2011: Qantas Flight Voucher...
  14. serfty

    Virgin Lounge Food

    yes, both sauces were available yesterday.
  15. serfty

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Same as yesterday - the fritters need a little sauce though ...