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Recent content by seandenn

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    Question Am i entitled to my money back [Cancellation]

    Sorry to hear that after your advice helped me! I don't know if any of this would have sped things up but mine was a max fare and the cancellation of the flight was a Jetstar commercial decision as the travel period is outside of this initial Kiwi lockdown period (but within the second about to...
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    Question Am i entitled to my money back [Cancellation]

    Just to report back - I used the flight changed or cancelled option as advised in this thread and just got my refund confirmation email 17 days later. Still waiting on a Qantas refund for a Qantas cancelled flight - I can't help but use the word shifty for the way they are dealing with refunds...
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    Question Am i entitled to my money back [Cancellation]

    I have a Jetstar initiated cancellation of a NZ domestic booking (for flights in early May). Asking Jess about Network Adjustments brings up refund options as per the post from Mistress. Could the successful refund requesters please confirm which reasons you selected from the drop down menus?
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    Qantas booking cancellation (under covid19)

    I'm with you JW - I went for the refund option for my Qantas cancelled Auckland to Sydney flight because there were too many conditions attached otherwise I would have been happy with the voucher.
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    Jetstar NZ flights reduced

    Looks like the reduced schedule is slowly being loaded, Auckland to Wellington and Auckland to Christchurch 2 flights a day per route. Sorry if my post alarmed anybody, I was due to fly this weekend and noticed the lack of future flights and being in NZ this was and hour or so before the Qantas...
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    Jetstar NZ flights reduced

    Looks like Jetstar has zeroed out NZ domestic flights from Monday 23 March until Sunday 31 May.
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    New Zealand Introduces 14 Day Quarantine for All Arrivals

    I travel back to Oz for short 3 or 4 night trips several times a year - the new restriction means that each one would trigger a 14 day self quarantine upon my return to NZ. My employer is flexible and I can work from home at times but this would be pushing it and likely need to come out of...
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    New Zealand Introduces 14 Day Quarantine for All Arrivals

    Aussie resident in Auckland here - effectively marooned now yet feel it was a sensible move by the NZ government - Air NZ is allowing refunds for those due to travel up to 31 March 2020.
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    Free 4 x QF General lounge passes [2 Exp. Late May, 2 Exp. Late June]

    I have 2 trips coming up where I could use 1 pass (1 pass is fine, I'm not greedy) - 2 March and 10 April. Thanks for your kind offer mate and good luck in selecting recipients.
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    A big thank you to the moderators

    I commented on a post a few hours ago where I felt the phrasing of the OP was a bit "off" and the magical moderation team edited it to get it back on topic in a much more open forum friendly way. Thanks for your hard work and keeping the AFF forum such an awesome resource for us all!
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    Question Noumea dining advice

    I don't eat there as I tend to gorge myself at the boulangeries when I'm in Noumea and self cater (baguettes, croissants etc are much cheaper than in Oz and delicious 🤤) but I can recommend Les 3 Brasseurs for the beer - prices are very reasonable during their pretty long happy hour. Enjoy!
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    Fiji Airways services operated by Malindo

    I have noticed low seats on some aircraft and it would be great to have factual /technical responses as with all the cool knowledgeable community members here I'm sure the info is out there!
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    Volcanic eruption on White Island, NZ (outside of Tauranga)

    Auckland based Australian here and I can assure you that whilst tragic for those directly affected, life in the rest of the country continues as per usual - Auckland has even avoided the bad patch of weather affecting other parts of NZ (lower North Island and parts of South Island). It's a...
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    1 x digital QF lounge pass exp Wed 16 Jan 19

    Sorted and transferred - safe travels!
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    1 x digital QF lounge pass exp Wed 16 Jan 19

    Hi Sam, Deal - ping me the details and I'll transfer. Enjoy your family time in the lounge ;-) Cheers Sean Sorry everyone else - I'm enforcing an early close of play.