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    A bit of humour

    The law of averages says that many people would be spread amongst more than just 4/12 'star signs' (read as 'bollocks'). I'm calling bs.
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    Spaced out

    In what may be the most off-topic and frankly pointless question ever asked on this forum: 🙃 Hey @drron why do you so abhor spaces after the full stop at the end of your sentences? It's not a doctor thing that I've seen, as even if the handwriting is 'doctor scrawl', normal punctuational...
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    I'm just another random poster on the internet but you did post looking for advice: I don't think you have a leg to stand on. @Must...Fly! nailed it in post #2.
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    Share your Oneworld Classic Flight Reward redemption routes 😁

    Many years ago: 2xJ seats plus an 18-month old lap infant! (no cost for a lap child) CPT-LHR(<24hr stopover to catch up with friends and wander around Kew Gardens)-AMM (BA/RJ) AMM-HEL (RJ) HEL-MAN (AY) MAN-LHR-YYZ(<24 stopover to spend the night at Niagara Falls)-DFW-YVR (BA/AA) LAS-LAX-NRT (AA)...
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    If That's The Worst Thing that Can Happen.... (very belated trip report)

    Well done @coriander, great TR, but you probably can't go wrong with travel in MLT and CHE. And posting it just as the shackles of CV19 restrictions are starting to loosen and we can dream of such things again: great timing. 👍 Should we expect 'Part Deux' for the 2017 trip in say 2024? 😉
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    New domestic Aus Airline to launch in 2022… Bonza!

    Edit: should have read this thread yesterday as @dajop has already got this sorted out! At a guess there's probably ten or so in each state, so: NSW. QLD. Others 1 SYD. BNE. NLK 2 NTL. OOL. MEL 3 PQQ. MCY. AVV 4 CFS. HVB. MEB 5 BNK. BDB. YMES 6...
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    Australian state border restrictions

    I've long said that I'm from Australia. And when people say, "but where", I simply repeat Australia. It helps to have lived in every state and territory: I can assure you that the S and T's are as near as possible irrelevant. They do stupid things to try to make themselves relevant...
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    MH 777 missing - MH370 media statement

    Disruption of a comms network is possible by a number of measures. Stopping all radar returns from and comms from an aircraft, using another aircraft - no.
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    MH 777 missing - MH370 media statement

    Reading the newspaper report of the book is five minutes of my life I'm not getting back. What a stupid and hyperventilating 'review'. AWACS with cloaking tech they can somehow project onto another aircraft... 🤣😂 💩💩💩 Clearly the EM spectrum works differently at the Sarawak Report and in the...
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    QF B737 Replacement Competition

    QF will lease more E190s off Alliance. And then more. And, "because market conditions are so different to what we expected"; some more. And before you know it, there's the bulk of your domestic fleet. Mainline can crew the 330s. This game is easy. I should work for QF!
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    What happens if you catch COVID whilst overseas?

    I would suggest that practically, most people won't bother getting tested. Until they have to, for something like a flight requirement... ...and then they'll go to Vasily at tests R and get a guaranteed negative! (payments in bitcoin gladly accepted) 😉 Are QF mandating where they'll...
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    The FR24 appreciation thread

    So that would be for those who got out of Afghanistan via the land border rather than via Kabul airport. Interesting that it's a QF flight.
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Can an entire region be nominated for a Darwin Award. Or perhaps better to just refer to it as social Darwinism...
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Why not? I'm really hoping Mstr. Scarlett will be able to be vaccinated before year end.
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    Australian state border restrictions

    And hey, Croweaters, this survey just shows that QF know their international departure market. 😛