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    Priority boarding on QF domestic - what is the story?

    I heard a priority boarding announcement, for J, Plat one, Plat & Gold about 10 -15 min prior to normal announcements @ PER J Domestic lounge not that long ago for a A330 flight to MEL while I was kicking back for my ADL flight. Big back log of PAX's @ PER during peak that day.
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    Priority boarding on QF domestic - what is the story?

    I recently was on a B737-800, QF 585 ADL - PER in J (2A). As I walked up in the priority boarding lane ( @ gate21 ), a chap in the zig zag boarding queue adjacent said " hey you get to the back of the line !! I just stared at him, and continued on to board my flight without delay. I believe he...
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    Speculated route cuts

    DJ Flights, well if you are referring to Virgin, Yes they have, ie VA1017, PER-PBO & VA1016, PBO-PER, both are Fokker 100 metal... Cheers sambo517
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    Remind me of why I fly Jetstar?

    Actually I'm travelling JQ , PER - DPS tomorrow (4th Nov )seated 1A ...The only reason I'm on JQ is that there is no QF metal on the PER - DPS route........
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    Just hit Lifetime Silver

    Yes, it took me a fair time to get LTS about 4 years,but only about 18 months reach LTG....It helps when you travel frequently from PER to the east coast in J.... Congrats.......
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    Does seat availability for a booking change when QFF membership level changes?

    I could've been that pesky Plat that stole 1A,1C from you...I do that sometimes ;);)
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    Made Platinum today

    Congratulations & welcome to the throng.. :) Enjoy it , I still do.. :D Cheers & Beers...
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    Can I use club invite after flight?

    Yes ,I've used my guest passes @ ADL,PER & MEL QC's, after flights,no problems .. The best part ,they have never taken them off me.... Cheer & beers
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    Qantas thanks its most loyal customers

    I agree.. Well said,Amaroo,well said !!! :D:D:D
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    Just hit Lifetime Silver

    Congrats'......I'm now LTG have been for a while... I look back and my thoughts back in the good ol' days were the same as yours.. It took me about not quite 4 years to get LTS, but very quick, 18 months, to LTG,on the back of Domestic out of PER ,City-flyer sectors in J class... Once again...
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    Qantas thanks its most loyal customers

    Why thank you very much..As a loyal member,I do have existing bookings for the above time frame, I'm looking forward to the rewards... Cheers & Beers Sambo517 :D:D:D:D:D
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    QFF Points Flying JQ

    I was on JQ116 PER-DPS 6th Nov 2011...QFF points & status bonus added to my account on the 7th Nov.. Then JQ113 DPS-PER 15th Nov 2011......QFF Points & bonus added 16th Nov.... " The system is working very well "........ Cheers & Beers...
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    QANTAS Business Lounge access

    Entry into Domestic " J " Lounge ? Not with OW Sapphire, unless you are ticketed to fly in business on the day... Cheers & Beers
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    Qantas Shop...

    Ok thanks for that input....I'll keep on trying,Cheers........
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    Qantas Shop...

    Question ? Has anybody had success with communicating with people @ the Qantas Shop,( QF Shop Pty.Ltd. )via their email address ,their phone No or fax No ??? I'm trying to track an order with them ,that I placed a while ago ( 6 weeks )...I get no response to my emails,and these days no luck...