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Recent content by rogerkambah

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    General Medical issues thread

    I got a referral from my optometrist to an ophthalmologist, but I'm sure you could get one from your GP. (Not sure whether you actually need one or not though - someone here will know). Interestingly the first thing that the occulo plastic surgeon did at my first consultation (post 6366) was...
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    General Medical issues thread

    I wore multifocal specs all and everyday for 15 years. I would put them on awakening and remove just before sleep. Even though the script changed I found that eventually nothing was clear. In 2019 I had my cataracts removed and now don't wear glasses except when reading on my phone. I could...
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    General Medical issues thread

    Finally had the lesion above my left eyebrow excised by an occulo plastic surgeon who visits CBR ( and I believe Wagga) so saves patients travelling to SYD. Looks a bit untidy, but maybe will be better when sutures are removed. Reason I waited so long was I was hoping to be off chemo but CT...
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    A bit of humour

    Well, they are going to have to change. Can't practise selective offending.
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    Australian Cricket Season 2020-21

    Disgusting behaviour by Smith, walking over the batsman's crease area and scratching out the guard mark of the Indians. The umpires should not allow walking by the fielding team in the crease area.
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    Will you vaccinate with Conoravirus vaccine when one is available?

    Probably better to use Medicare records as all citizens should have one. NZ and PRs are also eligible to access Medicare. Those older people who don't receive pensions or have senior's cards are then included. Can then sort into age cohorts.
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    General Medical issues thread

    My dose is 50mcg, but expected to rise to 100mcg shortly following another TFT. My TSH was reported as being 47 while T3 and T4 were both low.
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    General Medical issues thread

    Recently had a CT scan after 3 months of Pazopanib. Unfortunately the growth on my adrenal has not responded, so need to continue medication. Have also lost 6kg in that time, and have now gone off the drug for 4 weeks as the side effects had become quite onerous. In addition have developed...
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    Solar Panels

    Sorry, but I'm a bit lost here. Are you installing a plug in gen set, after first isolating the mains, or is this an input for you solar panels, following isolation from mains?
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    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    Big boy toys then. :cool: I suppose it would be an idiot magnet if you parked it anywhere.
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    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    I'd like to see you drive that on the road - is it road registerable?
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    Superannuation Discussion + market volatility

    My wife is about to retire (next couple of weeks). With the current US market losses today, uncertainty and more covid lockdowns in Europe would it be a good idea to change her superannuation investment in AustralianSuper from Balanced to Cash. Her retirement estimate has slipped a couple of...
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    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    The TS had a cross flow head so the carbie was on the 'cold' side of the engine rather than above the exhaust manifold. The icing only happened to me once so I wasn't particularly concerned when I worked out what it was. They could certainly be driven quickly once you realised that the body...
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    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    Temperature would have been probably < 10 maybe 7-8. I wouldn't have thought of carb icing if I hadn't been working in air safety investigation at the time. Agree with you about 16TS. Great and very versatile cars at the time.