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Recent content by Rick93

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    Hotel Promotions IHG "there's more to see" sale

    If you book the 'breakfast and parking' offer .... Beware, that a number of IHG properties have still NOT opened up their buffet meals. I booked a few nights at Parramatta HI, to be advised, that 'breakfast' will be an offering of 'tea and toast' ( Continental breakfast, as it is referred to...
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    Discount on Reward Points Required

    I didn't see any formal notice, but the system is currently offering a 37.5% discount on Reward Point stays. I've just booked a 20,000 point Holiday Inn night for 12,500 points ... and a few rooms at Double Bay IC at 36,250 points per night ( down from 55,000 ). Oh, and BTW ... I received 5 ×...
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    Ambassador Renewal

    I'll respond back first week of August, after I renew .... to state my outcome.
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    Ambassador Renewal

    Just had a phone conversation with AMB rep. I was advised, the 10% rebate ( on use of Reward Points ) was ceased from 1st. March this year. Also, I was advised, that my account still had last year's Weekend Voucher as 'available' .... even though I used it a few months ago. The AMB rep. said...
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    Ambassador Renewal

    I have a problem with it though .... My previous expiry was end April. I usually renew in last week of April. But this year, I need an AMB Weekend Cert. for late August. ( I have an IC Double Bay booking ). I used the current year voucher already. But now they have made my expiry date 1st...
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    Ambassador Renewal

    Did every other AMB Member get an ADDITIONAL extension, to total six months ?
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    Hotel Promotions IHG "there's more to see" sale

    I took advantage of the offer. I'm writing from the Double Bay IC. Shame the offer wasn't 'stay 3 / pay 2 … plus breakfast & parking' !! Beware of how the booking app shows cost ... Participating hotels are offering the three nights ( pay two ), based on their 'best flexible' rate, and not...
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    Sydney Intercontinental State Suite

    As per previous post ... I cancelled Sydney IC, received a full refund, and have booked Royal Suite for late August. Only issue I had, was that QANTAS Money ( travel Card ) withheld some several hundred Reward Points, as the IC refunded back to my card. ( which is the points I got on each...
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    Ambassador Renewal

    We all got three months free extension ...
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    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    Spent last two nights at IC Double Bay. Really quiet here … Unfortunately, pool & roof top lounge closed. Stayed on AMB Weekend Cert. Water is in refillable glass bottles. As many as requested from Room Service. 600 Rewards Points as Amenity. $25. credit for Room Service, in lieu of no...
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    IHG PointBreaks discontinued

    I did. Emailed Customer Support, and all my expected points were added to my account, about a week or so later.
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    IC Double Bay - Royal Suite

    There doesn't seem to be any posts about either the Double Bay IC, or their Royal Suite … ( in the last five years or so ). I've changed a booking from Royal Opera Suite at Sydney IC, to the Royal Suite at Double Bay ... and will have some $700. left over !! ( apparently, when it first opened...
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    Sydney Intercontinental State Suite

    Anyway, I've successfully CANCELLED my booking for the Sydney IC Royal Opera Suite for June. ( full refund of my pre-paid tariff to follow shortly, they say ) I've now booked the 'Royal Suite' at the Double Bay IC for August ( AMB Weekend Cert. ) A combined birthday weekend for myself and my...
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    Sydney Intercontinental State Suite

    Gets more interesting by the day ..... 2GB reported, that both the Sydney and DB ICs are currently offering FREE rooms for doctors and nurses "needing a well deserved break". No argument there .....
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    Sydney Intercontinental State Suite

    Renamed ... 'Presidential Opera Suite'. I think, they should have kept it 'The Australia Suite' ....