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Recent content by RichardMEL

  1. RichardMEL

    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    I do not really equate ticket price to inflight amenity in this respect. Now hear me out (OK read) before you jump all over this broad statement. Obviously I do not expect French Champagne and a EK F shower suite for $50, nor do I expect a party pie on a 12 hour flight. BUT Airline Pricing is...
  2. RichardMEL

    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    I guess we're just getting more used to the ever dwindling options on both of the carriers sadly. it's pretty sad that this is the "enhanced" refrreshment service on shorter haul flights but even BNE-MEL has shown up (along with soup / cheese box options). Again why I find other options - eg...
  3. RichardMEL

    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    An AA 747? That's a lot of bulldust :D
  4. RichardMEL

    Qantas First Class menus

    Had the Heisdeck Rare 2002 on SIN-MEL the other day. Delicious! So much better than the 2004 other thing they've had recently. I won't admit to how many glasses I had.. but they did note they had 6 bottles loaded... :D
  5. RichardMEL

    Free Free Stuff - x2 QF P1 First Lounge invites expiring 9 Jul 20

    Great offer Matt! Generosity of the community continues. Obviously I have no need for a pas.. I am just showing appreciation :)
  6. RichardMEL

    Covid-19 - status pause

    I feel far more likely for QF to provide more promos when things become more settled or the current outbreak is dealt with (I've heard a suggestion it might thin out in anything from six weeks to six months.. who knows?). After all it's not really in QF's interest after a massive loss of...
  7. RichardMEL

    New Qantas SIN F Lounge [Open Dec 2nd 2019]

    In contrast I went through SIN F for the first time a few days ago.. arriving a little later than I had planned around 4:30pm but the place was only about 25-30% full. Plenty of tables. There was no ack of my P1 or F status, indeed once through the entry nobody asked to see a BP or anything...
  8. RichardMEL

    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    Saying the 73H is not "suitable" implies a technical issue with the range of the aircraft. There is no issue there. It's a comfort one in the QF and VA (and most other) configurations of these narrowbody aircraft. It's funny really given the VAST majority of passengers in the world all fly down...
  9. RichardMEL

    International Seat Selection

    Regarding the emails about changed immigration rules and all that due to Coronavirus... I was somewhat bemused to land in Singapore and open up my email to find I had one for my "upcoming trip" that had arrived while I was in flight :p SMH
  10. RichardMEL

    QF F Award Seats

    Agree with opus. If you can afford it in both ways then do it or take the J fare which isn't too bad - likely most a/c will be reconfigured by then (or enough to have a good shot at the suites) and still be pretty comfy (and perhaps put in for upgrade, though that would be unlikely for two)...
  11. RichardMEL

    International Seat Selection

    Hope you didn't go too early given it's been delayed due to QF94 diversion (fog) but yeah hope it worked out the way you wanted. 1581471130 OT - 787's - while I am far from a fan of the window system I find them a perfectly acceptable aircraft in all other respects. With the higher cabin...
  12. RichardMEL

    Free 1 x Qantas Lounge Pass [Gone!]

    Lovely offer missri! I hope you are back on your feet out of the hospital really soon!
  13. RichardMEL

    International Seat Selection

    Yes, SQ have a small fleet of 787-10's. I'm not sure how you (JohnK) are not getting complementary seats for you on two bookings if you're in them. I guess I misunderstand. Anyway for the purposes of information only I just checked in without incident for my EK flight, seat selection etc no...
  14. RichardMEL

    International Seat Selection

    It should be pretty easy for QF though to, when attempting OLCI, to scan the PNR, they know the destination. Is it on a blocked list? Yes. Stop there and then with a "Sorry, for reasons out of our control at this time we are unable to check you in online. You must proceed to the airport for...
  15. RichardMEL

    Qantas Status Credits Bonus Offers

    It is very clear. changing flights to outside of the promotion window will invalidate those flight(s) from the offer. It's pretty cut and dried I think the evidence presented in this thread is that QF are attempting to get smarter with targeting. And sorry, but I find it quite ironic to go...