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    Fares to AFL and NRL grand finals

    AFL & NRL GF's are part of 'being Australian'. Don't feature anywhere else. Being part of a global market economy doesn't necessarily mean you have to adopt greed as a mantra. An Australian company will always function within the expectations of Australian culture and morality much better, if...
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    Fares to AFL and NRL grand finals

    V-line prices for trains and buses into MEL & SYD for the GF's (from southern NSW) are unchanged. Some Australian values still linger. The greed of globalised society is governed by opportunity. The <redacted> is no different from vendors selling 1.25 litre bottles of water for $8 during the...
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    Using Velocity Poins - Underestimated the amount needed

    Thanks CJENMAC. My cynicism is off the mark in this specific instance - good to see yourself, Billy and Jordan use this site productively. If nothing else, point hacks has increased their exposure to AFF members ever so slightly as a result of this thread. Measured responses, nice work.
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    Using Velocity Poins - Underestimated the amount needed

    'someone' - might just be a significant word. I just have trouble taking a website without an ABN too seriously. It's too easy to be selective, scant and unaccountable in third-party land. To each his own.
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    Using Velocity Poins - Underestimated the amount needed

    maybe pointhacks just plucks these claims from thin air ((to attract interest, traffic); just another obscure website that isn't accountable to anyone or anything. no bricks and mortar address; just a stream of zeroes and ones in the Ethernet somewhere - I wouldn't be inclined to rely on the...
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    Qantas Carbon Offset - Where does the money really go? forgot 'and TA will still be PM in 2020'
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    a simply gorgeous woman
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    What's Your Best Advice?

    retire early
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    Australian airport security - laptop screening question

    all the discourse in this thread points to one thing: pay increase!
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    The 2015 Prime Minister shuffle

    Turnbull offers the opportunity to move forward domestically with common sense, inclusion and balance. More importantly, Australia's international standing is poised to soar. He has had quite a few years since he last led to reflect on where he went wrong; hard to see him making similar...
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    oz currency and the 5 cent piece dinosaurs

    everyone I've talked to in Auckland think it's past the post. The only conjecture is which design (and has it really been narrowed down to 4?) TV3's "Seven days" gives the best insights into the way NZ really is, IMO; great show.
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    oz currency and the 5 cent piece dinosaurs

    Wouldn't that be a strong reason to get rid of them? Kiwis resemble civilised human beings more than the globalisation addicts. Side issue at the other end of the scale, over the last 12 months there seems to be a distinct increase in the number of beggars in Auckland. Seem to be everywhere...
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    oz currency and the 5 cent piece dinosaurs

    Just made a purchase in a New World supermarket in Auckland and a young lady brought this Aussie up to date. NZ got rid of their 5c pieces a while ago (I missed it), just a matter of time before Oz follows suit? (they've had 15% GST also for a while now; I'm sure the current govt would love to...
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    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" Car park just up the road where the sedentary flaneur writes and ponders.
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    Secrets of travelling light

    I take drip-dry stuff and wash in the bath using hotel shampoo. Works fine if you soak in hot water for 2 hrs+. Quite often travel with 'disposables' too - older clothes that I wear once and then toss out into street rubbish bins. Always retail outlets to get the bargain to replace and re-fill...