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    Seeking advice: US ESTA for transit

    This. I applied for one recently and from memory got an instant email from them confirming my application but after a few more days with no communication I logged into their site to check on progress and found it was approved. It may have been approved after 1 minute for all I knew. Strange...
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    Wellington Apprehension

    Made it home. As predicted by the pilot it was a very smooth flight after first few minutes. I took a video. Coming in this morning was a lot more sporty but didn't video that.
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    Wellington Apprehension

    So sat in AirNZ A320 about to leave WLG. Captain just gave PA to inform that they will be doing a full power take off so they can "punch through turbulence" on way out. That's another PA first for me!
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    Wellington Apprehension

    An update. Just landed in Wellington. A bit of a 7/10 rollercoaster (10/10 being worse I have experienced coming in to land - at Bilbao) but final 30s was pretty smooth as is often the case in Wellington. All AirNZ flights to/from WLG remain grounded. No PA from from Captain until after...
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    Wellington Apprehension

    I am scheduled to fly from AKL to WLG at 7am tomorrow morning on Jetstar. There have been a few news reports today about an incoming "big storm" with mentions of 140km/h gusts expected in Wellington area. Now as I am about to go to bed I see that AirNZ have already cancelled all their AKL-WLG...
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    Jetstar Fare Classes for NZ domestic

    I don't have option of adding bundles through corporate TA system. However sometimes I book, I get benefits (like free in flight $10 meal voucher) and sometimes I don't, so the fare classes do make a difference.
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    Jetstar Fare Classes for NZ domestic

    Hi, Sorry if there is a separate Jetstar forum for such questions: I use Jetstar for a lot of my domestic flights within New Zealand as I find they are often 1/3rd the price of AirNZ (AirNZ seem to apply a pretty big "avoid flying with Australian airline" tax to their fares) and in my...
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    Auckland QF J lounge is disgustingly filthy, worn out, and with s*^t food. Get it remodelled now Qantas!

    I have had the exact opposite experience. I am flying out of Auckland every week at the moment and I think the new security scanning machines are excellent. Each machine gives about 5 separate people their own space to load up trays (nice big trays - take not some other airports!) and proceed...
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    Ask The Pilot

    I think it has been mentioned recently, that to engage Auto pilot you have to have the aircraft in trim and no control inputs. As such, when taking off on a bumpy day (i.e. with lots of turbulence and seat belt sign stays on longer than normal) is it possible to easily get to a zero control...
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    AirNZ Industrial Action

    Great news (although this was hardly mentioned in the news today - which was strange). One less thing to worry about!
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    AirNZ Industrial Action

    The problem is that there is only 1 other carrier (Jetstar) and I don't know if they use the same maintenance staff at Queenstown. They also don't offer fully refundable fares (only vouchers and I don't have any other planned personal intra-NZ travel in next 12 months).
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    AirNZ Industrial Action

    Exactly. Given it appears that this is the first time they have striked like this, it seems 3 days at this time of year where a lot of travel is family related rather than for business, is really over the top. Hopefully sense will prevail. Apparently one of the things they are demanding is...
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    AirNZ Industrial Action

    Hi All, I can't find another thread about this already. The union representing the AirNZ jet fleet hanger/line maintenance staff is planning to strike for 3 days from 21st December. This presents a risk to me, as if they can't agree a way forward during mediation, it could leave me stuck in...
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    VA AKL-HKG NZD545 return

    This seems like very good value. How do I find out how long this sale is on for? I can't see any details about it on their website.
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    Banned from QF (for a few months)

    This thread reminds me a bit of something I witnessed at MEL a few months ago. It was the day of the big storms in Auckland (that ended up cutting power to 33% of Auckland houses). I was due to fly MEL->AKL that afternoon, but had seen weather reports saying the worst of the storm would...