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    Two QF A380s to be scrapped

    I imagine they might need to enlarge the galley on some aircraft and probably install a proper crew rest for a flight of that length. I'm trying to remember what the 4 skybed 1 "international" 330s had circa ten years when they used to fly AKL-LAX-JFK. My first trip to JFK on EBL. Everything old...
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    Your argument is preposterous as Virgin are getting all the same government aid (including the government paying jobkeeper to their 10k + employees) as every other business plus additional help in the form of the already released aviation sector package. The reality is Virgin went into this...
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    According to another site they travelled home immediately flying Berlin - London - Darwin - Sydney with no rest break at all. All management pilots. Approx 60 hours door to door. Hopefully that is accurate info.
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    New Zealand Introduces 14 Day Quarantine for All Arrivals

    Yeah there goes my AKL status run in a couple of weeks then. A nightmare for Qantas and likely VERY expensive for all airlines as they will surely now have to offer refunds.
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    Qantas - what will Coronavirus mean in the medium term?

    With the discussion around airlines offering extended status etc, how is this for an idea? Booked trips that are now not taken due to virus still earn points and status if forfeited. I have several forward bookings for the coming weeks I may now not need/want to take. All booked well prior to...
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    Ask The Pilot

    @jb747 more of a comment than a question but my god did you pick your moment to retire as it turns out!
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    Qantas - what will Coronavirus mean in the medium term?

    A380 crew are QCCA employed and almost all are dual rated on 380/787. QF crew these days for international are divided 380/787 and 747/330.
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    I'm pretty happy with my effort. MEL-SYD-OOL as red e-deal and then OOL-MEL-AKL-MEL-OOL in J and OOL-SYD-MEL as same. Doing it over a couple of days and visiting friends in both. all up 660sc J flights were 1321. E-deal I brought down to $250 using some points AND I had a $450 AMEX credit. So...
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    Report I read elsewhere of a SYD-HKG CX 773 that had 79 people on board (23 in business)!
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    And tonight the PM announces an extension of another 7 days of the arrivals ban for anyone who has been in mainland China. To be assessed weekly from here on. This is bad news for tourism and education and bad news for my business as I have a key staff member stuck there. Not surprised sadly.
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    Indeed. Slightly off topic but I marvel at how no one ever thought of this approach decades earlier. So sensible and practical!
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    VA withdraws all services from Hong Kong

    I suspect they're completely aware of the implications and it's atypical for these sorts of situations. It makes me wonder just how bad Virgin's position is right now and how precarious the whole operation is. This is extreme penny pinching.
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    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    I imagine all this is leading you to be even more glad you are out of the flight deck!
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    QFi to Japan post 747 retirement

    There is the option to add a second flight on the 330 to Narita from Sydney. There were lots of rumours that the 747s would stay longer a few months ago but nothing has officially been said. I wonder if they are planning to do that and not make a big fuss. They are relatively young really and a...
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    This is an astounding clip from the ABC's china correspondent who just flew Shanghai to Beijing today. If this one data piece indicates what's happened to travel I don't know how we won't see chinese airlines hitting the wall shortly. We know a number are already skating on thin financial ice...