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    Delayed Virgin Flight

    where's MEB?
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    Wasting SC going from gold to platinum

    Contest all you like. But Status Credits are effectiove for the day you flew. A particular day can only be in your original qualifying year, or your renewal year. The rolling calendar has wrinkles, but it is better than fixed years or other airlines.
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    Wasting SC going from gold to platinum

    With no spin, status credits are either in your qualification year, or they are in your requalification year. Not both. It follows from the rules, that a day is either in your qualification year, or your requalification year. So, if you have flights that get you across 1,000 Status Credits on...
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    VA withdraws all services from Hong Kong

    If it were me, I'd be seeking legal advice on their post may 1 options
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    Massive dissapointment

    I'd be ecstatic if my insurance company flew me back in business..
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    Recent disappointing SYD-SIN J catering experience

    Crew meals are catered separately to passenger meals. That is, crew have their own allocations of meals.
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    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    The FAA has specifically said they are not working towards any given date. It will fly again when it is ready, whenever that is.
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    Virgin, Affinity prepare sale document for Velocity

    Not sure if this was posted - didn't see it. A report from a week ago where Velocity tamps down the idea of selling out altogether
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    2 QFF pts / $ spend on ANZ FF Black Visa

    Wish they sent me that :)
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    Double SC's when you spend $xxx @ Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or First Choice - Targeted

    I didn't get double either. Has anyone, or are they making us wait the full waiting period?
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    Velocity Double Status Credits offer 1/2/19 [Book by Feb 12, Travel by Dec 28, 2019]

    For Virgin, the SC and double SC all post together, with no indication they have done so. I just get double the amount it would normally credit,
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    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    Maybe they didn't test it failing seconds after takeoff,,,,
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    Answered Was there a recent loyalty bonus offer?

    I've seen it pop up, only to disappear a day or two later.
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    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    What's wrong with this picture? Priority Boarding: Whine, carp, carryon that rules are nor being enforced. Carryon baggage: Whine, carp, carryon that rules are being enforced.
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    Flight Booking information shared between airlines

    SQ and QF are both on Amadeus, so if the QFF number was attached somewhere (booking level, flight level?) it might appear in the QFF account that way Although I did think Qantas were stopping them from showing.