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Recent content by Princess Fiona

  1. Princess Fiona

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    1. yes 3. No the amounts are changing. Going up to 318K per person for the J Award. 4. Yes assuming the Points Club members aren’t given some priority.
  2. Princess Fiona

    How long until you get to LTP? (Or are you already there ^_~)

    This was my back of a fag packet calculation. I don’t believe QF LTP is anything other than a gimmick. It’s not achievable for people who do spend their working life attaining Platinum so why call it that?
  3. Princess Fiona

    LTP - the $1,500,000 reality

    I would have loved to get LTP on QF, but at just under half way there it’s just not realistic for me. Fortunately I can see other options.........
  4. Princess Fiona

    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    I’m underwhelmed frankly. Won’t change my flying much. Seems to be a completely fanciful offer of LTP when you don’t actually really want to offer it at all. Award seats changing, meh they do that often enough. Not sure why the big roll out at the SCG, nor why I stayed up long past by bedtime...
  5. Princess Fiona

    TWA Hotel JFK

    Yes it is. Even if you don’t stay you can purchase it in the gift shop
  6. Princess Fiona

    TWA Hotel JFK

    Pool area
  7. Princess Fiona

    TWA Hotel JFK

    Update on the overall stay. Now checked out and in Manhattan. There is still some signs of building/ construction finishing off or “snagging” as my Dad would say. Didn’t interfere with my room or stay but if you are the sort of person who gets annoyed by that steer clear for the next few weeks...
  8. Princess Fiona

    TWA Hotel JFK

    A couple of more pics
  9. Princess Fiona

    TWA Hotel JFK

    It’s pretty decent actually. Can’t hear this really other than a slight hum which isn’t unpleasant.
  10. Princess Fiona

    TWA Hotel JFK

    I knew that there were a few teething problems when this hotel opened but fortunately I think I managed to escape most of that. Arrived this evening after a pretty delayed flight from LAX. Booked a Deluxe King Runway and somehow ended up in a double queen but as it’s a long schlep from check-in...
  11. Princess Fiona

    Knitting needles in carry-on international flights

    I’m on a big Facebook group full of Docs and one of them is a regular knitter inflight (posts pics) so I don’t think it’s an issue at all. I stick to knitting at home :D
  12. Princess Fiona

    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    Traded in my X5 and eagerly awaiting the arrival of an X7, it’s on the ship now :) In the meantime I have a little X2 to run around in so going to find it hard to go back to a giant tank !!
  13. Princess Fiona

    What is a shadow ? (Qantas )

    P1 and I rarely see or get a shadow unless I request it. Often I do request it on QFLink and rarely on International SH Y. Definitely only applies to Y for me, can’t get one in J. I’m pretty sure someone told me way back that Shadows are only definitely automatic for CL P1 anything else is a bonus.