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    Qantas Platinum One experiences?

    I had a sad call from Qantas last week... "Mr PPW, so and so from Qantas here. Your Platinum One membership has expired and we are sending you a new Platinum card. Can we confirm your mailing address please...." My two year stint as P1 is over. It was good and I thought you might be...
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    New QF A380 reconfiguration!!!

    I venture up from F to use that loo... I love it...
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    QF Platinum One - how successful has it really been?

    Just a quick message to share a pleasant WP1 experience today in unpleasant circumstances. I had to promptly organise a flight for my mum to comfort her sister whose husband only has a day or two to live. I called the WP1 SST at 1pm. By 1:05pm my mum had a classic reward seat on the 6pm...
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    QFF status not shown on classic award

    I had a similar issue on some classic award redemptions recently. I sent an email to the WP1 desk and they managed to get my QFF number into the booking (and moved me to the seats I wanted). I'm sure a quick call to the WP desk would yield the same result. There must be a bug in the system...
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    Platinum One Launch Event

    A thread on this theme would be very interesting? E.g. What is the craziest thing have you asked the P1 Special Services team for? The only difficulty is the secrecy...
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    Platinum One Launch Event

    Also sad I didn't get to meet EmilyHoward (or Red Roo / Stephanie Tully). Another time, I hope.;)
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    Platinum One Launch Event

    My wife and I had a great time... It was nice to meet Lindsay Wilson and Mal. Also, briefly Trippin and Storeyteller. I look forward to seeing the AFF group shot with Alan Joyce on here soon. My wife and I had a nice private chat with Alan (as things were winding down) about his union...
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    And arguably an industrial relations climate where action such as that taken by Qantas (which caused us both to be on SQ) may not have been necessary... But in the interests of complying with the OP's request to avoid political debates, I avoided such comments in my post... Oh, whoops... In...
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Peter Costello on SQ - SIN to CGK (31.10.11 - both supposed to be on QF41 SYD to CGK!) He was having trouble communicating with his driver (by mobile) from the baggage hall - he was sounding out his surname "Cos-tel-lo" - I chimed in... "He won't recognise that - tell him your name is Peter...
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    Free flight for those disrupted.

    The FAQ says:"Q I had a Premium Economy, Business or First class seat on the disrupted flight, is my free flight an equivalent class seat? A Your complimentary flights are only available in Economy class. We will be in contact with you soon about other benefits we’ll be giving our eligible...
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    Platinum 1 Status Now Shows When You Log On

    Hi Woxlee I was told (or read somewhere) that the WP1 SSE's only work during CBR business hours and that after hours calls are diverted to a lucky SSE's mobile for urgent matters. I don't know why they seemingly encourage us to call at any time - the 'welcome' message online says: "We're...
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    Qantas Fleet Grounded 29/10

    Don't forget about the terrible impact on decent, hardworking people, like me, who now will not be able to enjoy their planned hours tomorrow in the F Lounge in SYD. On a serious note, it is detrimental for Qantas as I have cancelled $6,300 in flights, my SQ flights will remind me that life...
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    Qantas Fleet Grounded 29/10

    I have changed my QF flights BNE to CGK (via SYD) tomorrow to SQ. $6,300 lost by QF. I'm not complaining too much - the SQ flights are about $1000 cheaper and there are many more early return options on SQ. It certainly is not as much of a concern for me as it is for those passengers...
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    The QFF CEO event thread (and AFF associated interactions)

    I just did the maths, with my BNE - SIN return next week in J ( :cool: ), I'll hit 3620SCs for the period 1 Nov to 31 October... Just by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin... :D I look forward to any other benefits to be announced - thus far, there doesn't seem to be a quantum leap between WP...
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    The QFF CEO event thread (and AFF associated interactions)

    I hope you enjoyed your lunch and are still enjoying a few glasses of red. I have some selfish questions: Will the initial P1 qualification requirement will be pro-rated down to take account of the 10 month (vs 12 month) qualification period. Will they include the SCs earned throught this...