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    Odd excess baggage charge on Qantaslink

    Hi there, I did a return trip from Melbourne to Devonport with a colleague this week, and had a lot of excess baggage. On the way down it cost the standard Qantas rate of $88 (four bags, charged $22 per piece). For the return journey the check-in guy tried to tell us the new policy for...
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    Maybe she should have read the conditions?

    She certainly did read the conditions attached to the purchase - all four pages of them - and there was no mention of this. It all boils down to Qantas wanting to make more money out of child travellers and so charging them adult fares. It would be very simple to add text to the booking page to...
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    Hertz Car Hire - $5500 damage excess

    >Full responsibility for hitting an animal between Dusk and Dawn. Are they saying that they can't find a company to insure them against hitting animals? That's strange because I can.
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    I have a pair of AKG K28NC headphones and they're excellent. Even with the coughpy sound systems I usually encounter on planes, they do a good job and really do remove a lot of constant noise. Taking them off after wearing them for a while is similar to stepping into a noisy factory...
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    jetstar's deplorable service!

    You're on the radio right now, talking about this with Derryn Hinch aren't you!
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    Hobart Accommodation

    I suggest ringing Hadley's Hotel and asking what they can do. I notice they have the 12th available on but they might be able to do something about the 11th as well. I always stay there and it's quite pleasant. Very well renovated.
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    Jetstar's seat free-for-all ends

    So would the best move be to not select a seat online and then turn up and ask for an exit row, or should one ring up to ask for an exit row?
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    Jetstar's seat free-for-all ends

    Interestingly, if I want to fly from Melbourne to Newcastle on the 7th of July next year (a random date I picked), there are no exit row seats available. Isn't that funny...
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    747-400 noisier than others?

    Yeah I'm convinced it was mainly ventilation noise, I was just amazed at how much noise could be made with air vents. There must be a very high speed/low cross section duct involved in creating the uniquely loud noise on the plane. And I guess some planes have different vent structures and...
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    747-400 noisier than others?

    I've just returned from my first Australia-UK return flight and I reckon the Qantas 747-400s I flew in were far, far noisier than any other plane I've been on recently. I compared the noise level with the Virgin Blue 737 and a Jetstar A3something I flew on this weekend and the latter two planes...
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    CBA and Woolworths EzyBanking "parting ways"

    Thanks for that. I've just transferred a stack to QF in case Ezybanking goes bye bye without leaving an option to transfer.
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    Woolworths Ezy Mastercard No Longer Offered To New Customers

    The Earth card only earns half a point per dollar. All of those points become QF points, but it takes twice as much spending to earn them. So it's still only half a QF point per dollar spent.
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    CBA and Woolworths EzyBanking "parting ways"

    I thought that 1:1 ratio disappeared over a year ago when it disappeared for the other cards. Didn't it? I transferred a heap to Qantas before then so that I didn't lose half their value. If it's still 1:1 I'd better transfer another bunch of them now.
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    Fiji Horror on Pacific Blue

    Either they want to run an airline or they don't. Charging very slightly lower prices does not give an airline an excuse to refuse to provide explanations to inconvenienced passengers. It certainly does not give it the right to leave passengers stranded because of apparently arbitrary changes to...
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    Infant Car Seats on board aircraft

    I have just received a reply from CASA after my enquiry on their web side about Virgin Blue's position. They told me that Virgin Blue would need to do a detailed investigation to determine which types of car seats could be used. Their investigation would need to cover car seat types, strengths...