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    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    Had our vaccinations on Monday. We had been relaxed waiting for our GP to have supplies but decided to just go ahead any way. Went to the Royal Exhibition building in Melbourne. Got off the train at Parliament station. Pleasant walk through the gardens. Straight in. Done. Followed by fifteen...
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    Bumped from Row 4 at the gate

    I’m sorry but I must disagree with you. The OP did not game the system. They entered into a business arrangement to with QANTAS, bought ticket and booked a seat in accordance with published rules.
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    Qantas short changing refunds?

    We received a refund (after 6 weeks) earlier this year when a flight to London was canceled. The shortfall was exactly the amount of the credit card fee. I believe the fee relates to the credit card transaction which did actually occur and was therfore funded by the CC Company. Refunding the...
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    World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys

    I remember traveling London to Paris on the Night Ferry Sleeper train 1977 when I took my wife to be to meet my parents England. (The service stopped in1980) The classic “Agatha Christie novel” French style wagon-lits carriages lined up at Victoria. I managed to wake up at Dover to observe the...
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    This is the address provided by Scr77 on page 35 [email protected] I used it to chase up my refiund. Worked a treat. Thanks Scr77
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    For the 8th June I think you should get cancelation notice fairly soon. Other posts this afternoon say QANTAS are getting more difficult (if that’s possible) in not explaining how to get a refund. Like me, you may be offered a voucher with no mention of a refund. In my case I went to manage...
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Subject to checking the particular conditions of your ticket. It would be best to wait as long as you can. If you cancel it will be a voucher. Let QANTAS cancel and you can get a refund. I found the email address useful to push them into expediting the actual refund payment after allowing...
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    Are you Going to use the COVIDsafe App?

    Aargh, you have hit on the only real objection to the app. Now they will have reason for putting the damn thing on the table. Worse still they might even use it in the restaurant so we can all know what good citizens they are.
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    Virgin getting very HEAVY re completed credit card refunds. Sad to see.

    At what stage does a booking for a future event become a failure to supply? Our contract with the airline is a ticket to travel from A to B on a particular date. The terms of the ticket does not guarantee much in the way of time, flight or even a selected seat. All can be varied within reason...
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Last Sunday I was meant to be departing on QF9, returning QF10 in June. Unfortunately I am still here dreaming of what might have been. Thanks to advice on AFF I ignored inducements to cancel for a voucher without penalties and waited for QANTAS to initiate the cancellation which they did on...
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    [I need] Qantas Points - Fast

    And there is always the thrill of the chase.
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    [I need] Qantas Points - Fast

    I have never bought points because they are poor value and philosophically for a FF a big no no, but there are times when it makes sense. Such as topping up to get an award seat today that won’t be available tomorrow. It’s bit like cost averaging the purchase of shares. If you are falling...
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    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    My immediate answer would have been that they would be lost just like Ansett. However the article makes an interesting point that I hadn’t thought of. Millions of people with points to spend would of course be a valuable asset for a receiver to sell to a retailer or a bank. No doubt the value...
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    Does Closing Beaches Make Any Sense?

    Well there’s an original solution. It might work. Don’t tell Mr Andrews or he will rethink this essential supplies business.
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    Does Closing Beaches Make Any Sense?

    One of my sons works for Goodguys. Being on the “what is essential” theme tonight, I asked him what are Goodguys selling. He said a lot of small things like coffee makers. (I suppose the toasters VA’s monopoly these last few days). But the main sales are freezers, they are walking out the doors...