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Recent content by Pele

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    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    Gday Putting it out there: have i got anything to lose by using velocity points to book some domestic flights for September this year? The points are worthless now for anything else, and once the administration process runs its course i have a level of apprehension about the points coming...
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    Card Promotions Constant error when applying for NAB CC?

    Gday I just applied and went through the whole process. Hit submit and it hung on that screen. I let it go and after about 20 minutes i got an email saying they have got the application and need income verification. I logged in and loaded the docs in. The website still says "processing your...
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    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    GDay I have classic awards which have been cancelled. I also got the email earlier in the week saying they have been cancelled and i will get a full credit and that a second email will come out later in the week with more detail. The second email has not arrived and if i go into the website...
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    1,000 Velocity points for a health check on your home loan with Uno

    Ralphy, Have you go to the bottom of this? Was consent given to them hidden in the terms and conditions? Thanks.
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    SQ service reductions during May

    Gday My 1805 departure SQ242 flight out of SYD was cancelled and i was moved to SQ222 three hours earlier at 1500. This works for me as im on the A380 however my only issue is the seat selection. I was previously in the mini cabin at the front now im back in row 26 and when i try and manage my...
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Restaurant buffet.
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    Upcoming trip to Taipei – Advice welcome on things to do, transport, food and accommodation options

    KTan89, I agree with Ralphy about where to stay. For 2 days stay more centrally although you will still end up having to get the metro for some attractions. I stayed in the Hilton for a week late last year which is next door to the Cesar park hotel and I believe shares the same pool. I went...
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    Gday I have been following this thread since the start and the information contained within is excellent. Later in the year I intend to apply for the Amex Aspire. My query is this: I am currently sitting out my 18 month exclusion period from Amex Australia for bonus points. When my 18 months...
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    Card Promotions Hilton Macquarie Card Discontinued 1 May 2019.

    Can't remember exactly but about 35-40. So not enough to earn any rollover nights per the usual calculation. But the year before I had less nights stayed but their computer still awarded some rollover nights. Like I said doesn't matter. I was just pleased to see that Diamond looks to be carrying...
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    Card Promotions Hilton Macquarie Card Discontinued 1 May 2019.

    Gday I had the same experience as earlyriser. Last year there were roll over nights awarded and this year not. Dont really mind as still Diamond and it says i need no nights to retain Diamond which is encouraging. Pele.
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    Hilton Honors

    Yes. And at that same hotel. Although not $300. My experience is that it is more likely to occur when there are big events on like the Tour down under or Fringe festival which severely impact rates.
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    I'm there now. Never checked to see if an upgrade is processed early but you will always get an exec room there as a diamond. I have been upgraded to a suite once and that was for a one night stay. The longer the stay the less likely. Best way is to politely ask at check in. I didn't bother. Now...
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    Answered Distressed Inventory – How Do Airlines Get Rid of Seats?

    School holidays haven't started. There is no recession. Airlines go broke every year. Pele.
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    QR award availability down to 219 days???

    Gday I have noticed that when the tickets are released there only seems to be one ticket available on each flight. That is all Australian ports. That wont suit most people. Pele.
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    Answered Urgently need a new annual travel insurance policy

    Thanks Equus. Just last week I shelled out for two seperate annual multi trip family policies so this time next year I will seek a quote from travel insurance direct. Pele.