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Recent content by pauly

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    Reward Point Calculations - Platinum Charge Card

    It's 2.25 points per dollar, I don't believe cents figure into the calculation. In your example, the only numbers that amex would consider relevant are 123 and 29
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    amex platinum charge spending power reduced over time

    I got a call from Amex advising my limit has been reduced from 100k to 75k. Like everyone else here, the balance is paid before the due date and it generally gets around 400-800k put through it a month. All seems kind of random really.
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    Card Promotions ANZ QFF Black - 120k Bonus Points, $275 back after 4-months, $450 annual fee (DEC 2019)

    I called them after not receiving anything for a week. They said there's a big backlog so it was manually processed (taking ~2 mins) - nothing complex in my application though so ymmv.
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    So, about this "wider acceptance" thing...

    My main supplier has just introduced a 2.5% surcharge for amex which I doubt they would have done if the fees were at all close to V/MC (no surcharge). Dragon is going to get a massive workout from now on I suppose.
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    Maintaining fee free for life when changing card details

    My post didn't have a question, but you know.. thanks for looking
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    Maintaining fee free for life when changing card details

    I started with the platinum card in 2011 and was upgraded to the signature after a year, keeping the same 12k limit and no fee. I recently tried to reduce the limit back to 12k but had no luck so it would seem you can start below 15k but can't go back to it.
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    Free 2x Qantas lounge passes - Expire Dec 2018

    My passes are now on their way to Avidflyer. Putting our trust in Auspost so... fingers crossed!
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    Free 2x Qantas lounge passes - Expire Dec 2018

    Does anyone else want 2 Qantas lounge passes? Same expiry as those above
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    $50 Langtons fine wine discount

    So... I haven't made enough posts to send you a PM but would be happy to make use of your broker :)
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    Free 2 QF Lounge Passes

    Will be sending them through to smeacs. You guys are quick!
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    Free 2 QF Lounge Passes

    Very last minute but I've got 2 passes that expire end of this month. Give me a shout if you can use them.
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    Card Promotions The Explorer Credit Card (New AMEX Card!)

    I probably should have elaborated. Paypal have a known bug where if you try to add an Amex via your wallet it will, erroneously, identify it as a Mastercard. If you use the above link it will let you add the card (as that page isn't affected by the same bug). I added my Explorer using this...
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    Card Promotions The Explorer Credit Card (New AMEX Card!)

    To add your card you'll need to go via here:
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    100,000 velocity points for velocity platinum amex with referral

    I'm more than happy to share my referral with anyone that's looking to take advantage of the 100k promo :)
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    Triple points promotion

    Unsurprisingly, bonus points aren't credited automatically AND they can't tell whether the promotion has ever been on your account. Had I saved the flyer I would be inclined to post it here so everyone could have easily secured 3x points for August.