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    Melbourne to Vienna (via South Africa, Namibia & India)

    Thanks for the TR. A year in Vienna sounds great - so many interesting places close by as well. My wife and I also both agreed that row 2 or 3 legroom is better than row 1 on the AY A321's.

    Random J trip to Poland via South Africa

    All you need to know - I was wondering how I missed it a couple of years ago so I am pleased to see that it is a new installation.

    Escape to Melbourne

    Thanks for writing up a very different report.

    Random J trip to Poland via South Africa

    We are all enjoying your TR Cessna 180. Please keep going. We were 'defaulted' about 3 times on our last QR trip as they kept trying to put us together and I kept moving our seats back to singles. They even asked us on the plane if we wanted to sit together - the horror!

    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    The Commonwealth can override any State legislation on this sort of matter as well under S. 109 of the Constitution, as far as I am aware.

    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    I believe that Section 35 of The Quarantine Act 1908 does give a relevant person power, especially during this type of event, to order any person into quarantine - regardless of their citizenship. The attached Explanatory Memorandum from 2004 discussing changes to the Quarantine Act after the...

    Strange Fares on Finnair

    Direct on Finnair. I had a quick look a minute ago and they are still there, if not as much a saving. It is approximately $350 cheaper, in J, to fly Per - Sin - Germany - Sin than just Sin - Germany - Sin. For my dates in August/September it was something like $4,170 Sing compared to $4,112...

    Cathay have cancelled one of their two daily Frankfurt flight - and we were booked on it!

    After my complaining about CX cancelling our flight when I started this thread it now seems as though they have actually done me a favour by stopping me flying via Hong Kong.

    Best (cheapest) OW business class RTW currently?

    This the sale deal I got via e-mail yesterday. I am not sure if it is the same one madrooster was mentioning. The prices ex Perth for our trip in August/September were basically unchanged...
  10. OZDUCK

    Singapore Airlines adds fifth daily flight to Perth

    Yes we will probably be flying ScootPlus back from Singapore in September after some J flights to/from Europe on an AY ticket. They are a good option to beat the "Australia Tax" for us. We are prepared to miss out on service for a big seat and good legroom on a shortish flight. Thus saving...
  11. OZDUCK

    South African Airways 'near bankruptcy'

    It seems that SAA is trying to survive by drastically reducing destinations served. The Per - JNB route will continue.
  12. OZDUCK

    The view from my "office"

    Far less exotic than some of the more recent photos but - looking upriver from the Kent St Weir on the Canning River in Perth. I am pretty sure JohnM will recognise this bit of river. Just over 9km from the centre of Perth. Taken on our morning bike ride today.
  13. OZDUCK

    Singapore Airlines adds fifth daily flight to Perth

    This is good news for us Perth residents, the more seats available the better. I suppose we should be grateful that QF at least deigns to operate 1 daily A330 flight Per - SIN so at least we are better off than ADL. With SQ able to profitably, we assume, operate 5 wide-body flights per day I am...
  14. OZDUCK

    Gallivanting the globe 2019 - RTW and then some

    Thanks for a great TR. Lots and lots of superb photos. You would certainly have needed a few days to rest on the beaches after this trip. I was especially impressed by how nice Sri Lanka looked. We may have to make a trip to see if there is any physical evidence of my wife's forbears who lived...
  15. OZDUCK

    2020 Travel Plans

    We have booked most of our flights, all in J, for our trip to Germany in August/September. Booked through fellow AFF-er Madrooster. First flight is Per -Sin on QF then transfer to Finnair for the Sin - Hel leg. Then spend 3 nights in Helsinki. After that Finnair "Euro-business" to Frankfurt for...