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    Koyo Chasing in Tohoku Japan (#9) and some last minute shenanigans

    Thanks for some fascinating photos.

    Brisbane and Unmanned Flight.

    I had read about their "Loyal Wingman" plans but didn't realise that they were quite so advanced. Thanks for the update.

    What I ate today - the food thread

    As I have mentioned in the 2020 Travel Plans thread, we are going to Berlin next for the reunion of wife's German family roots. Yesterday we had an early Xmas lunch with a group of her relatives. It was a chance to discuss plans for the re-union as some of them will also be going. The five...

    Scams like these

    A not very convincing one. iCloud Payment We are Unable to Renew Your Subscription. Unfortunately, due to multiple failed payment attempts on your account, your account has been locked temporarily because your card has been declined by the issuing Bank. To continue using your account...

    Luggage arrived in Perth soaking wet flying QF from MEL -> PER.

    Definitely common - Arlanda Airport 3 months ago and there was rain around. Loading our B737-800

    Qatar Economy Class - The Very Good and the Slightly Annoying.

    We may have passed in at the airport. We were looking from the Islamic Art Museum across the bay as the rain began to really come down and were also amazed how dark it became. But at least it was a fun walk back along the corniche in the cool air and with the water running up to our knees on...

    International Driving Permits/Licences

    As others said, you need to check with the relevant country/state/province where you intend to drive. In Canada, for example, here are the rules for the provinces of Nova Scotia, British Columbia & Ontario. Basically no problem for 90 day visits for Nova Scotia & Ontario while British Columbia...

    Qatar Economy Class - The Very Good and the Slightly Annoying.

    We did a two night stopover in Doha and had a good time. My wife wore a skirt, below the knees, and short sleeve blouses or T shirts with sleeves and was fine. As Flying Mermaid said everyone was friendly. The Museum of Islamic Art is fabulous and is in a very interesting building...

    Car Parks of the World

    After the latest of Tony Hancock's car park photos I lightheartedly suggested that, in order to allow others to share their photos of these glorious sights, a thread purely for Car Park views should be started. A few people seemed to find the idea amusing so I have taken the bit between my few...
  10. OZDUCK

    The view from my "office"

    I am beginning to think that we need a "Car parks of the world" thread. So everyone can contribute their owns scenic views.
  11. OZDUCK

    International Driving Permits/Licences

    We had a meal with one of my wife's distant relatives in Paris. He is German born but lives and works in Paris and obviously also speaks French. His wife is Japanese and speaks German and French. She teaches local (French) students Japanese but the textbooks she uses are actually from the...
  12. OZDUCK

    International Driving Permits/Licences

    Not to derail this thread too much more but my understanding is that the French consider the Quebecois to speak a sort of patois. Partly because the origins are more than 200 years separated from France but also because some English words have drifted into the language. Apparently, especially...
  13. OZDUCK

    International Driving Permits/Licences

    Thanks for this. I can see why you are so fluent in French - well done. I can speaksome words in a few languages but my Australian accent is so strong I murder them all. Something that might, or might not, be of interest to you is that back in the day one of my co-workers was born in France and...
  14. OZDUCK

    NBN Discussion

    I have just gone onto the NBN, after waiting until I got sick of the warning notes about the looming "shutdown" of ADSL2 in my area. It became available here about 18 months ago. I stayed with iPrimus, not because they are anything special but I have been with them, Internet & landline, for over...
  15. OZDUCK

    The view from my "office"

    The big sedan look like a Majestic Major V8? I always thought that it would be the perfect European "Grand Tourer" - especially for a Paris to Monaco run:-)