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    $10 off bill [Sniip_bill paying platform]

    I used Thibault's code. :) Mine is Daw3
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Just listened to the latest podcast today while cleaning the bathroom - make that chore less of one 😏. Very interesting and enjoyable. David was so right about reaching status requalifying goals. I was Silver and very close to hitting Gold when Covid started and even though I had my Silver and...
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    What’s your favourite souvenir?

    Yes!! That's exactly what my kids and I decided would be our "thing" - for exactly the same reasons. I have a few more than what's on the photo but they need a little bit of repair - a bit of superglue to put the magnet back on etc. One of my faves is the Scottish Bagpipe one we got from...
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    Virgin Australia Discover Gold (Status Match)

    I know you asked this way back in the thread and you may have found what you are looking for already but I use this one here:
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    Melbourne Virgin Lounge using old "The Club" Space - Overcrowded!

    I have only been to it once (so far) but I liked it too. I guess I was lucky to go at a time where it wasn't crowded and we got a table easily. I actually preferred the food and snacks on offer over what I get at BNE.
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    7-Eleven Velocity Flights Give Away

    Competitions usually (and probably always) never allow FF points/credits to be earned. It's in the Terms & Conditions down the bottom of the first page you linked to ;) 13. Tickets cannot be upgraded and are not valid to earn Velocity points or status credits. Over the years I've won 3...
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    20 Bonus SCs on AU DOM & Trans-Tasman flights (book by 2 June 2021)

    I had "cancelled" my return trip to Darwin so I could rebook and although my credit went into Travel Bank pretty much straight away and my trip was removed from my list of trips I got the "duplicate booking" error and wasn't able to rebook (on the Virgin website) either. I did call up and got a...
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    Velocity app - win return domestic flights

    Thanks henrus - I am having much better luck doing this in the Velocity app on my iPad rather than my phone and now I can actually pin many more airports :)
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    Velocity app - win return domestic flights

    EDIT: crisis averted - I decided to try the Velocity app on my iPad and I can actually see airports and their dots :rolleyes:;) Thanks for responding blackcat20 :) Yeah I tried that but when I open explore I first see this screen: (my nearest airport is Rocky) Then I try to zoom in and this...
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    Velocity app - win return domestic flights

    I have found the Explore tab in the app but have no idea how to "pin" anything - what am I missing? I can move the map around but I can't read any of the destinations on it. I'm so confused!
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    Double the Fun [Double Velocity SCs, Book by 24 Nov, Travel by 13 Oct 2020]

    Yes I had that plane on my trip to Perth - I was only in economy but it was awesome as hardly anyone on the flight so everyone had a row of seats to themselves. I loved the look of the Business class "pods" so took my first plunge into bidding for an upgrade on the way back - it was to be my...