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    50SC on offer with BP

    It must have been a big wave of dates as mine also arrived and my last transaction was on the last day of the offer.
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    50SC on offer with BP

    With the 5km restrictions, the last transaction was more coffee cans from the shop than fuel for the car, but hopefully got 5x by the 30th. Now, in the wait for the points to arrive!
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    I apologise ahead of time, but it had to be done: "AIR069" nice!!
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    What's the best travel upgrade you've received?

    While still a student, I got (somehow) upgraded at the gate to J on the SYD-DXB leg of my return flight back home to Europe with Emirates. It was on their 777, so (looking back at it now) it was a 2-3-2 arrangement, not fully lie-flat seats etc but that moment, it was the best thing ever. I...
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    Keeping Platinum One with on-the-ground offers?

    I read that Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane flights are apparently quite easy to schedule and with no quarantine at the end 😤
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    Driving to Sydney Airport

    As others have mentioned, there are many hotels much closer to domestic - All of these below are maximum 25 minutes walking with kids, more like 10 minutes normal walk. Plenty of parking options around the airport around this time, obviously airport is the closest one but depends on your...
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    Air France's Last A380 flight....

    Another airline that retires it's A380s...
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    Qatar grounds their A380s for atleast 12 months

    Qatar Airways in last week’s schedule update filed changes to its planned Airbus A380 operation. For Australia, this means A350s will take the routes. Doha – Melbourne...
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    Pakistani airliner crashes in Karachi

    Follow-up from Reuters - specifically on PIA - here "KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will ground a third of its 434 pilots on suspicion that they hold “dubious” licenses and flying certificates, a company spokesman said on Thursday, prompting concern from...
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    Sometimes you've got to feel for Qantas....

    Take Barry here as an example on a letter that certainly made my day reading - even if he ends up being a made up story for the clicks.... Books a flight with China Eastern, includes a domestic flight in China from Xi'An to Shanghai as part of the itinerary, does not have Chinese Visa to...
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    Qantas Frequent Walker challenge - up to 10 free points/day

    I mean, I'd walk 75000 steps each day for 10SC :p:p
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    When was the last commercial passenger flight you took?

    March 16 MEL-SYD after the cancellation of F1
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    Where will you go first when the bans are lifted?

    For a break either the HK / Taiwan which I had to cancel or Japan. Otherwise, SG for work.
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    New 100 Year anniversary Q Tags

    The bag tags are not linked to anything like your FF number or your boarding pass until you drop your bag, so there is nothing to stop them from working. You can also give them out if you want and they will work for others.