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Recent content by omgbomb

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    Pax removed from QF838 MEL-DRW 02 Feb

    Probably the most sensible post so far If a protest occurs when and where it is "appropriate", then it isn't a protest, it's a rally for the status quo... These protesters breached the rules but they didn't put any one in danger, the delay was minimal and we're all talking about it. Fairly...
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    QF A330-300 to/from Hong Kong

    I'm a bronze flyer with an upcoming A333 flight and can confirm the last few rows are blocked out, from the first 3-in-the-middle row back.
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    JQ DPS-BNE flight in measles scare

    So easily preventable if we all take responsibility of our health. Please vaccinate, it's not hard! Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine | NPS MedicineWise
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    Restaurant program has returned!

    Tried this out mid-July and got 200 points a month later for two diners. Was actually surprised to see it come through, didn't mention anything about it in the restaurant
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    QF website

    Was broken for me, but I updated Chrome and it works now. Could be a coincidence.
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    Volcanic ash closes Darwin airport

    That spread of the ash cloud is going to get pretty large, Darwin could be out of action for a few days.
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    Most disappointing destinations

    Love the drink price complaints for disneyworld
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    EY Emergency Landing in BNE

    I see, thanks. Scary they can build a nest so quickly!
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    EY Emergency Landing in BNE

    Odd for this not to be noticed when the pilot does their walkaround before a flight? (don't know if that's standard practice by Etihad)
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    12/12 BNE-MEL QF621 Cancelled

    Yeah I asked if it was regular as its a capital city flight where there are many in any given day, not knowing if occasionally one or two a day get cancelled.
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    12/12 BNE-MEL QF621 Cancelled

    Had the pleasure of having my 1pm flight tomorrow BNE-MEL QF621 cancelled tomorrow via text this afternoon. Managed to get rebooked onto QF641 at 12.30pm. Anyone have any idea why it happened or is this regular?
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    EY Emergency Landing in BNE

    They've offered to put them on the same plane at the original time tomorrow, pathetic. They waited until late this evening to offer them just that.
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    EY Emergency Landing in BNE

    332. Have a friend on the flight, sounds pretty awful. They had already aborted a take-off, were in the brace position after take-off on the second attempt. Passengers still in the terminal without any directions or information
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    Have you received your new Qantas Card? Apply for Qantas Cash today.

    Received mine today, don't really see any benefit over using my Citibank debit card
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    10% off Virgin Australia Fares bookable until Aug 15

    Just booked HBA-BNE and saved $20, thanks! Additionally, hopefully this route will be a bit more competitive now that jetstar flies direct.