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Recent content by offshore171

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    Where will you go first when the bans are lifted?

    Not a cruise ship. That much is certain.
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    There’s only 1 Lake Como. Plus Zeppelins, plus F-18’s!

    Beautifully put. Do you mind if I steal that line?
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    There’s only 1 Lake Como. Plus Zeppelins, plus F-18’s!

    Yes absolutely. I will be going back. It may not be for some time, but it will happen.
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    There’s only 1 Lake Como. Plus Zeppelins, plus F-18’s!

    Thoughtful email received just now from the Villa Serbelloni, where this trip began: As some of you already know, the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is located in Lombardy, the Italian region most affected by the spread of Coronavirus. At a moment such as this, we don't want to take your time...
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    UNable to contact travel agent - Skiddoo

    In the circumstances, it may be prudent just to buy a new one way flight and get him home while it’s still possible. Deal with the open ticket later.
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    What happens to all the grounded aircraft ?

    Related question, what happens to the qualifications of the pilots? Isn’t there a “currency” requirement, in terms of the minimum number of hours flown in the last x months?
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    Tasmania introduces arrival cards (not a joke) I wonder if this includes Tasmanian passport holders?!
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    Bonkers via Honkers - to Austria

    Wrapping this one up. We fly the small hop from MUC to FRA. Normally would use the train for something like this, but it was effectively free as part of the airfare. At FRA, the CX lounge is closed for renovations and they are directing people to the "Priority Lounge" which is handily close to...
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    Covid-19 - status pause

    TripIt just extended everyone’s pro subscription by 6 months. Small but nice gesture.
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    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    They going to park them out in the desert?
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    Greetings (again) this time from Tokyo

    Here's a handy link that lists the closed attractions:
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    Covid-19 - status pause

    Just got an email this morning from Hilton, saying they are extending current status level for 12 months. This was unsolicited, so I assume they are doing this widely.
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    Photo ID check for QF DOM at LST check-in

    I believe having eleven fingers also gets you in.
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    Another Celeb denied access to Qantas Lounge [Dress code]

    I once heard a Kiwi builder call them "Samoan Safety Boots"
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    Bonkers via Honkers - to Austria

    And the next day we will catch the train back to Munich. We've got a one night layover at the Munich Airport Hilton. Flight home is MUC - FRA on LH (CX Codeshare), then CX to HK Lufthansa offers twilight check in at Munich, meaning you can check your luggage and get boarding passes the...