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Recent content by odysseus

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    anyone at VA listening ? Anyone at all ?

    And if that’s the case they’ll have to fly the airline dictated by their corporate policies, and/or will already have signed up to an FF program of their choice for the flights they’re already taking. A separate discretionary holiday purchase won’t change that equation. Or iIf you’re...
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    SYD-DFW has more capacity - but is also a busier and premium heavy route. I'd suggest MEL-SFO has the better chance in general as it's a quieter route.
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    It's booked in the schedule, but their operating history shows the flight is cancelled almost every second day. It did operate last Thursday - but not Wednesday or Friday. It's part of Air AsiaX who are known for sudden cancellations without warning so given it's not available on their own web...
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    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    Guess we have to see if they're great deals or just standard Princess pricing though...
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    Question Flying from Gold coast to Tokyo

    Is the Jetstar pricing including luggage, meals, entertainment? So you compare like with like? If so, the other difference is the points you get with Korean Air (assuming your Jetstar pricing is not pointsmax). They can be given to a number of FF programs including these ones that have more...
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    Qantas Price Promise Not Honoured

    I have - but with their cruise division whereas your issue is with flights. In that case I just called up the cruise division, they checked things out then credited the points.
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    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    That doesn't comply with ACL. Though the situation of denied boarding due to passport is different from a cancellation.
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    Velocity Gold Upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus

    Just you travelling alone?
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    What's your Uber experience?

    For anyone interested in didi, it's finally about to launch in Sydney. Date isn't released yet, but looks to be about 6 weeks away.
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    Diners club companion card

    Yes, that's what we were saying. Nobody was disputing what they are called. I certainly wasn't so not sure why you replied to my post about that.
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    Diners club companion card

    Not sure what you want them to tell you. The facts are pretty apparent. Visa and Diners Club have their own exchange rates, and the DC doesn't charge a fee on top of that. Nowhere do they nor does anyone guarantee that Visa and DC have the same exchange rates.
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    Diners club companion card

    Then you'd get substantial differences as both the exchange rates and the fees charged would be different. Not sure what you'd 'test' from that.
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    Would you visit China?

    "Free"? The going rate seems to be about $1000...
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    Virgin joins AIA, 50% cashback on flights 2X per year

    Are you guaranteed to get the upgrade? If not, its value needs to be deprecated for the risk of not getting it.
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    RTW or 2 one way tickets

    Though the cheap one ways are usually cheap for a reason. in the above example, one is with China Eastern, and the Chinese ones often have cheaper one way prices... but their onboard product isn't the best. Similarly, the Hawaiian one is a good price - but that's likely because it comes with a...