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    Having to call Qantas for things that should be possible online

    When redeeming my first round of flight credits in late 2020 I found I could only redeem them by calling - obviously letting me do it myself would save everyone time. I hope it's not the case with my latest round of flight credits from the latest border closures.
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    Everyday Rewards Targeted offers

    Got a 1100 points for $55 spent with Big W. Not as good as 2000 points for any purchase no matter the amount but better than 500 points for $50 which I got earlier in the year. One thing to be aware of with Big W is you can miss out on the points if you buy during the period but choose delivery...
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    Is anyone still Platinum?

    I have retained WP until April 2022. I got 500 SCs gifted after my first flight of the new year (May 1) and earned another 169 from flying in the first 6 weeks and thought I could retain it from domestic alone. But then the lockdown happened in Sydney and the longer it goes on the less confident...
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    New Zealand Travel Bubble Announcement

    I agree with the sentiment of everyone that its understandable but the cost will be a turn-off especially for families. I have a relative with 3 kids over there who was going to come over soon and the flights are costly enough. Even if you're a single traveller who may have family, the costs...
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    Craven NZ 2021

    Brings back some memories for me as I had that same dish when I flew SYD-AKL in J back in late April. I was also catching up with family I hadn't seen in over a year. Interesting to hear you were only asked if you'd been to any hotspots upon arrival in New Zealand, I wasn't even allowed to...
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    Jetstar 787's coming back?

    Appears after a couple of weeks of sitting idle VH-VKI did one MEL-OOL return leg yesterday and VH-VKL has come into service - which it wasn't in the first couple of days of June - and did 1 return MEL-OOL leg today but not two as originally scheduled. MEL-CNS was set to start on June 25 (this...
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    Jetstar 787's coming back?

    The 787s are officially in service domestically - VH-VKI operating JQ432 from MEL to OOL this morning even in spite of Victoria's lockdowns.
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    New Qantas safety demo 2020

    Sometimes the opposite can happen, IFE on but safety video not working - I had that flying SCL-SYD in 2019 and the crew just did a manual demonstration. 1622503299 I burst out laughing like a 5 year old the first (and thankfully only time) I heard their "Kiwi Rock" safety video. I honestly...
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    Super Moon Flight

    We gradually went out to sea and did a few loops. As I said I saw the moon with my eyes but sadly these were the best phone pics I got - 2 of which were on our final descent. Air traffic control allowed us to do a flyover of the harbour on the way back. My seat mate who I won't name was a...
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    Super Moon Flight

    I was in 22D initially but ended up moving to 22B as the person I was with ended up just wanting to watch movies. So we took off and initially set course for Parkes due to its astronomy facility there. Certificates and caps were given and supper was served - a cupcake and this snack box...
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    Super Moon Flight

    The aircraft was VH-ZNE (Skippy) but couldn't get good photos as we were leaving from Gate 10 which offers little in the way of views when you're boarding a widebody there. We boarded on time and we were given gift bags on board as well as pillows which we were allowed to keep. The...
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    Super Moon Flight

    OK so here are some pictures and thoughts from last night. I did see the supermoon 3 times with my own eyes but couldn't get any photos even of the stars let alone of the supermoon. And I tried both with my regular iPhone Camera plus a couple of apps that were meant to be for star gazing. But...
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    Super Moon Flight

    I just got back from the flight - I enjoyed it. Will have more thoughts and some pictures in the next day or two.
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    Qantas offering WPs dinner for 2 at Neil Perry's Margaret for 50,000 points From email: As a valued Platinum member, we invite you to use your points and be the first to experience Neil Perry’s new restaurant, Margaret. Join Neil and Qantas Loyalty CEO, Olivia Wirth at...
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    Super Moon Flight

    Looks like there are still one or two seats left albeit not window seats - judging by the seat map and that the booking page is still up.