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Recent content by NoName

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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    $70 per week for 3 weeks at Liquorland = 10,000 bonus points. Will do this one.
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    Amex Explorer Card - up to 150,000 bonus points

    With the 25% bonus transfer to Marriott Bonvoy happening until 30 December I am now prompted to apply for this Explorer offer earlier than I had intended. Assume AMEX still credit the bonus points immediately after the transaction that takes you above the spend requirement? Is anyone with an...
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    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    For the next 2 weeks receive 1,600pts for spending $295 in multiple shops. So up to 3,200pts for $590 😂😂
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    $50 in one shop at Coles = 3,000pts. Will take this one.
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    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus!

    Same story as many for me - already have a bunch (650k) and no guarantee of being able to use them all before they expire. Ask me again in 12 months time.
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    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    I got this as well. It’s a no from me.
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    Amex Explorer Card - up to 150,000 bonus points

    Now we’re talking! Have been waiting very patiently for a decent Explorer sign up bonus and it’s finally here. I will use someone’s link when I apply in a month or so.
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    Bought 10 (as I wanted them anyway) and was credited 1,000pts each. Rang up and enquired about the catalogue saying 2,000pts each and was told they are aware of the issue and the IT team are looking into it. Said the missing points will be credited. All up 5 min on the phone so probably can...
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    Changing from Qantas or Virgin miles to Singapore

    Just collect both currencies.
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    Thinking of applying for this one. How long are Citi typically taking to credit bonus points on this card these days? Realise terms say 6-8 weeks after meeting spend criteria which is fine, just wondering whether it will likely require follow up.
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    Credit card surcharges with no alternative payment option?

    I complained to the ACCC a couple of months ago about unreasonably high CC surcharges. Was at a buffet style restaurant and when it came time to pay at the end they had what was termed the “preferred customer” price which was approx $35pp from memory and was for cash payments. The...
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    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    $90 x 2 weeks for 4,500pts. Will pass.
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    MyCar Tyre & Auto spend in one transaction: $300-$399 = 5,000pts $400-$499 = 10,000pts $500+ = 20,000pts Have this on both my & MrsNoNames’s account and convenient have two cars that need servicing. The flybuys bonanza continues!
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    1k QFF for spending $30 at Terry White Chemists

    The email went straight to my trash folder. They will need to do better than that.
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    Advice on champagne

    Love this champagne!