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    Qantas First Class menus

    I always find it amusing (in a good way because I love doing it too) how in any other setting a $200+ bottle of champagne would be savoured with time taken to enjoy a glass or two over an evening yet when we find ourselves in an F cabin it’s a competition to guzzle it down as quickly as...
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Mrs NoName received this on the DJs AMEX. I missed out on my Platinun DJs Amex. Will come in handy as we need to service one of our cards soon anyway.
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    Question Suggestion needed - another Amex Qantas Ultimate or Amex Qantas business rewards

    Absolutely no reason to get another AMEX if you won’t be eligible for a sign on bonus.
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    Cathay to cut worldwide capacity by 30%

    No changes for us as yet for SIN-HKG-JFK for December. Hopefully that is well and truly far enough away for things to return to somewhat normal.
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    AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card - 100,00 QFF points - $3,000 min spend - Expires April 22, 2020

    Agree, but I currently need Marriott points for a specific redemption so looking for AMEX MR to earn these. Otherwise I would 100% jump on this one. Have also applied for the ANZ QF Black card to massage the QFF balance.
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    AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card - 100,00 QFF points - $3,000 min spend - Expires April 22, 2020

    I loved this card when I had it a couple of years ago so would definitely recommend it to people. Hanging out for a decent sign up offer on the Explorer though.
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    100k Qantas Points with Qantas Amex Ultimate Card (ends 22 April 2020)

    Anything decent for the Explorer currently?
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    Spend $170 in one shop per week for 4 weeks = 20,000pts OR Spend $120 in one shop per week for 4 weeks = 10,000pts Activated it but unlikely to be achievable for us. EDIT: Mrs NoName got spend $100 in one or more shops each week for 4 weeks = 10,000pts. A maybe.
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    ANZ QFF Black - 120k Bonus Points, $275 back after 4-months, $450 annual fee (DEC 2019)

    I cancelled the travel adventures card a few weeks ago and will apply for this one tonight. Nothing in the terms stopping points for both.
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    JFK Transit times

    I am not an expert on it so I’m only assuming it is the same at all ports where they do this. We had the same thing when flying YYZ-JFK on DL a few years ago. They did everything in YYZ prior to departure. After doing US entry immigration we were held in a segregated area for only US flights...
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    JFK Transit times

    If EY do the US entry immigration in AUH then surely 3hrs25min is plenty of time? It’s essentially a domestic to domestic transit with added luggage recheck.
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    Qantas New Partner - BP

    Not very. Have had for several years.
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    Amex Velocity Platinum or Amex Platinum

    Can the 99 sups all register for the statement credit promos? Would be a bit of fun around shop small time. :D
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    Qantas New Partner - BP

    Declined as well. Quite perplexing really. Have never been denied by any credit provider previously, no negative events on file, low credit limits currently.
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    Amex Velocity Platinum or Amex Platinum

    What is the process to get the companion Platinum Reserve Card? Is it something that requires a formal application with another credit check etc or is it a formality like applying for a supplementary Card where basically nothing is required?