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    Accor takeover of Mantra group

    I believe read in an article, that I can't quite track down at the second, that they are expecting this to take at least a year. :( I've found all my recent stays, of which there have been several, have been posting within 24 hours of check-out along with the relevant promotional bonuses. This...
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    Domestic JASA's return - SC's Only

    To further the speculation .. There is three people in my household, including two QC members who are both close to silver, although at the moment all 3 of us are NB's. I was the only one to get it. The only thing that would differentiates me from the other 2 is perhaps that that I do have a...
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    Pax removed from QF838 MEL-DRW 02 Feb

    Going back to topic, the good news is we'll all be able to forget about it now. With the Vintage 747 delivery this weekend this particular reference to Qantas will be removed from the top aviation stories of the media and replaced with a feel good story - much more palatable. That story seems...
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    Pax removed from QF838 MEL-DRW 02 Feb

    A bit early to be calling for him to be added to a TSA style no fly list isn' it? From most of the accounts in the press the gentleman and his colleague were on a business trip, as they probably do from time to time given they were both described as executives, and had nothing to do with the...
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    Qantas CU platinum credit card

    No, you don't need to work for QF to join the Credit Union. I signed up for this card and a couple of their other points products in April last year. Love the card (and the points home loan I must admit!). Anyone can join, as per there website under Become a Member heading (I don't work in the...
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    10 pts / $ for Qantas Vouchers - Back for Xmas 2014

    Hi Everyone, Perhaps a silly question - so buying these for oneself, you get the bonus points for buying the voucher and then the usual points and status credits when the flight is taken? Thanks
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    The Ebola Virus

    With regard to general travel health concerns, I think the story about 'toxic fumes' over on under 'Travel' matter worries me more than Ebola at the second... There's a marketing opportunity for an airline with some dreamliners should public concern of such become more prominent :-|
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    Qantas 738 Refurb: More seats, Q-stream IFE (from 2015)

    One has to wonder about some of their decisions. Why not add a 'Main Cabin Extra' aka. Domestic "Premium Economy" with the extra space instead of cramming in yet more people. When booking a flight for my holiday at the end of the year on AA the first thing myself and the travelling companion did...
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    Can you inherit FF points/miles?

    A good point. They'd have to lie somewhere between 'brave' and 'stupid' to risk the PR avalanche that could come there way because a now deceased and formerly loyal customer informed their family to take their points and use them for something useful. Given QFF seems to have the stricter...
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    Excessive fees by Airlines

    There seems to be a general belief, aided along by alleged "pro consumer" groups such as Choice that the airlines make a small fortune off these credit card fees. Flight Centre obviously charged along a percentage of the transaction value in that case. Such a comment does demonstrate how...
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    Transit in Auckland

    This time last year i had a QF booking from Queenstown to Brisbane via Auckland (all on the booking ref). Queenstown to Auckland was with Jetstar. On that trip the bag required collecting in Auckland and rechecking with QF. That was a year ago though, something may have changed.
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    Excessive fees by Airlines

    Re: Jetstar's drip charges and the ACCC Given this then, wouldn't it be better for the consumer and perhaps even for the taxpayer and supposedly a cash strapped government for the ACCC to get the governments support to call ALL airlines that operate within, into and out of the country into a...
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    Excessive fees by Airlines

    Re: Jetstar's drip charges and the ACCC I've never thought much of the ACCC and the cynic in me seems to think they saw a need for some good PR and this seemed like a good way to get it, given there is this bizzare perception out there that we are all being ripped off by airlines. Perhaps the...
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    Hi Everyone !

    Hi Everyone, Another new member introducing myself. Have read AFF on and off for some time :) Great site! QF Bronze at the moment. Don't travel as much as I'd like too, although still seem to get away more then most and the travel bug is increasingly biting. People seem to comment I'm always...