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    Is Sydney Really This Bad? [Lockout Laws]

    Re: Is Sydney Really This Bad? The list is too long. :cool:
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    A short Premium Economy Review

    Is there enough room for passenger in front to recline all the way ?
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    Is Sydney Really This Bad? [Lockout Laws]

    Re: Is Sydney Really This Bad? Australia has turned into a nanny state because personal responsibility is someone else's problem.
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Did she give them singing lessons ?
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    Airport worker sacked botched screening of Julie Bishop

    Is there a camera in the additional screening area ?
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    What's your prediction on the Australian Dollar?

    What's the best currency to hold ?
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    When to stop being loyal to an airline (QANTAS)

    What's the point of being loyal in the first place ? That would be my question.
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    A bit of humour

    Cool name. Man posts passport on Facebook to prove his name is 'Phuc Dat Bich' | Daily Mail Online
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    How many WP on one flight

    Even cleaners working on oil rigs get paid very well.
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    How many WP on one flight

    What sort of job is that and where in Asia ?
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    Initial JQ impressions

    Their hot chocolate is similar to Milo.
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    Cathay Pacific offers double miles for flights from Australian ports to HKG

    Does Cathay require to see the credit card used to make a booking ?
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    Velocity/Virgin websites are RUBBISH

    When will international multi city be available ?
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    BA 777 on fire at LAS

    It would be better to have an exit for every few rows.
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    Flyers Rights

    Width is more important especially if there is a big person sitting next to me.