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    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Similar experience here. Called to make a change of date to a business class booking last night at 2250 - for some reason, it couldn't be done online. Late Sunday night is usually when the wait times are less than 5mins, but I gave up after 2h on hold as the clock hit 0100. n
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Same on the golden triangle +/- Canberra, especially during peak hour.
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    I meant with Qantas.
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    I have never heard pre-boarding called on a domestic flight. Only on international.
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    Air NZ 'Touch of Gold' status match

    And the resubmit gives me the following answer: "Sorry, you've already entered the draw." I give up and will have my family members guest me into the Koru club on the NZ domestic legs we have planned. There's no way I'm going to get enough Airpoints to extend the status beyond the bubble trip...
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    Air NZ 'Touch of Gold' status match

    Not an automated one, only upon follow up enquiry. No explanation as to why, just an invitation to resubmit. 1620334357 Yep, def had Expiry late 2021 for QF and early 2022 for VA.
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    Air NZ 'Touch of Gold' status match

    Well, the two QF golds in my family have been matched after over a week. I on the other hand, as QF and VA Plat have been rejected. Resubmitting.
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    In this sort of situation, for QF, I would just queue up in the regular line, knowing they don't give a stuff. I often do that when it's a flight full of Platinums and Golds because it's way faster.
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    Air NZ 'Touch of Gold' status match

    Whole family applied for a match on 23 April. 1x QF and VA Plat and 2x QF Golds. Still nothing nearly two weeks later. I'll probably book via the QF NZ sale before that runs out. n
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Not on domestic legs frequented by work travellers. Arrive late and all the bin space has been taken by platinums and golds who are travelling in Y.
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    General Coronavirus chit chat thread - non-travel specific

    And decided to go shopping in the eastern suburbs of Sydney whilst apparently based on the Central Coast. The fine is entirely appropriate.
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    QF SYD-MEL down to 1 flight/day - via CBR on a Dash 8

    I'm one of the many essential FIFO workers (medical specialist), and with the effective shut down, pretty much every country hospital and even city ones that rely on FIFO like Canberra are now unable to provide the essential services that still need to operate. I'm still turning up by driving...
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    'They haven't listened': Medical professionals skipped quarantine and flew interstate

    Which makes perfect sense after the Ruby Princess debacle. Being medics makes no difference - WA, SA, NT and Tassie have all closed their borders to FIFO doctors mandating that they all do 14 days of self-isolation. They've all taken a punt that that it's better to have their systems go short...
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    Does Closing Beaches Make Any Sense?

    Disagree that it's mostly young people. It's primarily wealth and entitlement - why else do you see the highest community transmission in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney? And Lombardy? And Madrid? And New York? And those Australians in Aspen? And those stupid doctors who wouldn't self isolate...