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    Has Climate Change "reporting" reached "End Game'?

    It is difficult too have constructive discussion and debate when both sides believe the other side are entrenched and prejudiced. I think it is telling that climate change activists are cast by some as participants in a “greenie” religion and therefore can be seen as evangelising zealots - with...
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    APIS information on partner airlines in oneworld award

    I have booked a oneworld award next year travelling to Japan, Spain and UK. Qantas points booking but flights on JAL Iberia and BA. I have used the Qantas website to enter APIS passport and DOB information. The wording on the website implies that this information is merely to save time at the...
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    Newcastle airport storm damage - flights cancelled and diverted

    It seems Newcastle airport terminal was inundated by a storm this afternoon and the terminal has been closed. Rumour has it that the damage is quite extensive but time will tell. Media alert: 17 April 2016
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Why would the bank care whether private or business ? Wouldn't the fee charged to the merchant be the same either way? Or do they make so little from tax office payments that it doesn't cover the cost of the points in either case but they are willing to accept the loss as long as it doesn't...
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    Imperial measurements

    I wonder whose empire do these "imperial" measurements refer to?
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Yes I can confirm that I have received points for 3 payments to the ATO so far this year. :)
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Last month I paid my ATO tax bill using my Jetstar Platinum Mastercard and received 1 QFF point per dollar. (Annual cap is 100,000 points). I usually use my HSBC Visa (its 200,000 limit is not threatened by my tax obligations) but I had run it too close to its credit limit.
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    Free Priority Privilege Certificates Available.

    Very generous of you. I could use a 25% off certificate expiring in April if still on offer. I am a bit upset they are closing it down - have used all my certificates!
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    Couple of Qantas Cash questions

    Don't use it for hotel pre-authorisations. If using the iPhone app, be very careful not to mistype your password as you can be locked out of the app after (I think 3) incorrect entries. To unlock the app requires a tediously long and phone-credit-draining call to qantas before you can speak to...
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    Virgin please go back to skool.............

    I think it might be something to do with their style sheet. If you select one of the misspelt words and copy and paste into TextEdit, the missing ff appears. So I suspect there is some miscoding in the css file that is making some of the fs not display.
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    Travel money cards

    The qantas cash card doesn't charge a fee to load.. Also, unlike the nabtraveller card, if loading foreign currency via bpay you are quoted the exact currency conversion rate. There is a flat fee for foreign ATM withdrawals, making fewer and larger cash withdrawals more economical. But the...
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    Qantas Cash Card

    re: Qantas Cash Card On a trip to the UK last year I was using a NAB traveller card. I thought I had finessed it perfectly so that I had just sufficient pounds for my final cash withdrawal. However the card took funds from my AUD stock. I think what happened was some of the pounds were locked...
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    HSBC QF Platinum - 20K points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee [extended] to 30/06/12

    Re: HSBC QF Platinum - 20K points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee [extended] to 30/0 I haven't received my bonus points nearly 3 months since I got the card. I phoned the HSBC call centre this morning and the person I spoke to could see that I had made a qualifying purchase in August and that...
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    HSBC QF Platinum - 20K points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee [extended] to 30/06/12

    Re: HSBC QF Platinum - 20K points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee [extended] to 30/0 I obtained this card in August also, and I have not yet received the bonus points. I guess i had better contact them soon. The website does say it can take 2 months, but it has been more than that now...
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    Qantas Cash Card/

    I decided to try it out too. The exchange rates look to be fairly similar to the other credit and debit cards I own and unlike the nabtraveller card there is no fee for loading money onto the card, but the nabtraveller doesn't charge an overseas ATM fee so probably not much between them in the...