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Recent content by MsTee

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    Do classic flight rewards hold any value now?

    I think you can find value in classic rewards, if you look - not always, but sometimes. The amount of value you find does depend to a great extent on whether you value premier, business and first at the same level as Qantas does. I'm talking about the full price they charge and whether you...
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    I transferred points from Amex on Wednesday (two days ago). They have just shown up in Asia Miles with an expiry date of 30/11/2022. Three years and 7 months is giving me a bit longer than I was led to believe. I'll probably use them before time runs out :) Edit: The expiry date might be...
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    Worst in-flight meal you've received?

    So Neil Perry is a real person, is he? (I'd not heard of him either, except on Qantas.) I wonder if he's embarrassed by the creations he's supposed to have inspired?
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    Answered AMEX complimentary Qantas lounge invitations

    Thanks for the tip. I did this a few days ago and have received the two complimentary lounge passes. I bought the carbon offset using a Qantas Premium amex card on 30 March and received notification of the passes yesterday (3 April), so that's 3 business days. They are available till 3 May 2020...
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    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    I moved the points this morning. They disappeared immediately on transfer. I expect they'll appear at the other end in due course. (Being a tad contrarian, I went with Asia Miles rather than Krisflyer.)
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    Answered Does Qantas Club work for me [value wise]

    I don't know it's worth it unless you travel heaps and usually get to the airport well ahead of your flight. Or are often stuck at the airport, having to wait a lot between flights. I let my membership lapse some years ago when I stopped traveling as much, with some regret at the time. On the...
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    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    If you do the sums, what's the surcharge cutoff for making a payment for points worthwhile - say, for redeeming the average flight - would it be around 2%, or more? (I know it's not worthwhile if you don't travel and just use points for retail cards or shopping.) If the boss or client is...
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    Why I am ditching QF F/J longhaul, despite loving it.

    I'm bemused (amused? stunned?) by this discussion, but will add something FWIW about a recent experience I had on a Qantas flight back from Tasmania. When the attendant came around with snacks I must have said something about missing breakfast or lunch before I traveled and having to drive 5...
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    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    Thanks, maccaisking. I'll think about this some more over the next day or so. Travel time is something I hadn't considered. Shorter travel time (and direct flight availability) is definitely worth taking into account.
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    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    I see that most people recommend Krisflyer over Asia Miles for transferring Amex points before 15 April. Could someone tell me the main reasons for that? I've spent the last several hours reading up on this subject but am still unclear. I will probably use points mostly for travel in Asia...
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    Worst in-flight meal you've received?

    Seems a good thread to break the ice here (first post). I'm fairly relaxed about meals and refreshments on flights, assuming they'll be somewhere between okay and inedible. Have been very pleasantly surprised sometimes. The water is mostly okay, and sometimes the wine is rather good. Last year...