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Recent content by mrsterryn

  1. mrsterryn

    Free Free Stuff - x2 QF P1 First Lounge invites expiring 9 Jul 20

    Good luck with this lovely gesture (Lol not putting my hat in the ring ) Does Mrs M or Misss get a new bag for this ? Not wanting to post inappropriately but for the ones especially singles don't forget to check the offers to invite into lounge . I have never had a take up on that for example
  2. mrsterryn

    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    Oops forgot to add mine Husband success Syd to LHR first Monday Nov Me success Syd to LHR first Tuesday lol I get a night at Rydges :)
  3. mrsterryn

    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    I just got the over $100 for four weeks for 10,000
  4. mrsterryn

    China (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    Ok have cancelled Cathay flights and now going with Qantas Trip not till later in year however concerned about how Cathay will cope with two major impacts on cash flow
  5. mrsterryn

    TV series discussion {'ware Spoiler Alert}

    Nope apparently the third season is due to be released after Picard is finished first season
  6. mrsterryn

    TV series discussion {'ware Spoiler Alert}

    Darn. Trying to binge watch Discovery Star trek. At 11 .30 last tonight still had two episodes to go :( Trying today to watch the final two in season one and flipping chores keep getting in my way I have to say I am impressed with the twists in this series
  7. mrsterryn

    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    Sounds like the go for husband and I. I am fat he is not :)
  8. mrsterryn

    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    How far up did the armrest go ? I do have difficulties in finding up which planes have movable armrests
  9. mrsterryn

    Question Best sleeping mask ?

    Oohhh I have a couple of those floating around Thanks
  10. mrsterryn

    Question Best sleeping mask ?

    I have quite a few airline ones but have decided I would prefer to have my own dedicated one :) Any suggestions ?
  11. mrsterryn

    Does anyone here actually collect amenities kits as a hobby?

    Still collecting lol Just need some different airlines ones :)
  12. mrsterryn

    Cathay to cut worldwide capacity by 30%

    Husband cancelled his Syd to LHR in sept and is now flying with Qantas Changed a reward booking for Nov from Cathay to Qantas We still have two legs with Cathay in Nov wondering whether we just swop them over now 🙄
  13. mrsterryn

    2020 Travel Plans

    Ok so everything changes lol Cruise cancelled New Zealand with family cancelled Additional two trips to LA this year Contemplating if we want to go to Scandinavian countries Would have loved to have gone to Hong Kong and done train to Shanghai however , obviously , off the cards now I...
  14. mrsterryn

    Best F Seats - QF A380

    I used to like 5A until I had a damp seat and a dripping from above ....🙄🙄 Syd to LHR Sadly this was pre AFF and so I just did a little whinge on the plane and did nothing more
  15. mrsterryn

    China (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    Still on travel topic I often catch a bus to Sydney City which has a couple of international student colleges en route Any time of the day students are getting on or off buses in that area None today A flow on effect I hadn't considered . Less passengers on buses