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    Card Promotions Citi Rewards offer - 100,000 Velocity points, $99 fee in first year

    Interesting feature.. thanks for the heads up.. makes this card all that much sweeter!
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    Card Promotions Citi Rewards offer - 100,000 Velocity points, $99 fee in first year

    Just been approved for this, very easy application process & quick approval within 24 hours.. great time to get the linked diners card before travelling to NZ and build the Velocity points up again.
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Thanks for posting, great to see this dish being adjusted as a fellow vegan, hope it had a dressing of some sort otherwise would be quite dry. If you like a hot dish, there’s always MR Lee’s noodles you could ask from the economy BOB. 😊
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    Card Promotions Citibank Signature Qantas 150,000 points

    Another Citi Card to consider, is 100,000 Velocity points for $99 which is a fair deal. Perhaps a good card whilst awaiting other CC exclusion periods. Virgin are bouncing back to life ( except their F&B offering) with good...
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    Card Promotions St George Amplify Signature - up to 200,000 Amplify points (PointHacks)

    The 200k bonus points offer has been extended until 28 September however this time round, it’s no half annual fee in the 1st year, making it $558 if you want the full serve of points.
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    Claim your share of 20 Million Velocity Points

    Same on my end, balance is now 186 and not really enthusiastic about it increasing.. if I fly VA I’m sure we all have access to Amex Membership Rewards providing us with the option.. will be great when we all have some more long term clarity where borders are not opening & shutting...!
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    HSBC (non QF) Platinum Card

    Great new Offer from HSBC - uncertainty regarding if it’s for existing bank customers or not and if it’s only if you receive an email. A call or message may clear this up should you be interested in taking up this offer. Correct me if wrong, 120k is worth 60k SQ / AsiaMiles so for $0 fee, great...
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    Virgin Money has reinstated Velocity credit cards

    Am I interpreting this correctly...? $ 3000 to be spent monthly for 3 consecutive months (=$6000) to achieve the bonus? Seems ridiculous for a general spender & VA miles are now not as desirable.
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    Card Promotions ANZ FF Platinum: 75k Qantas Points + $0 fee (Points Hacks exclusive)

    This is a great deal, I secured this deal earlier last year & the $0 fee I feel enticed me to keep it for close to a year so this time round I’m excluded however a nice little earner. I believe banks are defiantly more responsible in leading credit now so platinum cards with the lower income &...
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    ANZ Black QFF Vs ANZ Black Rewards

    Just been approved for the ANZ Platinum Rewards, also only got the Amex Explorer 3 weeks ago so it’s good that they were both approved within the tight timeframe however only minimum limits. Wanted to diversify away from QF points so plan is to transfer the bonus points to 33,000 KrisFlyer...
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    Qantas to allow free changes, cancellations to Classic Flight Reward bookings to 31 July 2021

    If we cancel bookings now, is there still a 6000 cancellation fee? No chance of a London trip without restrictions & ease of travel in July now. Repeat of 2020 at this stage. Perth in lockdown!
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    Card Promotions Amex Velocity Platinum: 90,000 Velocity Points + $300 credit (Point Hacks until 4/2/21)

    Very good deal & velocity points are still valuable for when fares are high, J catering product hopefully will be improved however at this stage, any flying is best within your own State. Just been approved for the Explorer, would be great if Amex separated the Membership & Airline point cards...
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    It seems $149 was on offer in 2017 & 2018 however hasn’t been seen for a while, this fee is reasonable however when you’ve received free Westpac offers or Amex travel credits, paying for points in this market I’ve started to rethink... 🤔 Considering the situation has somewhat intensified with...
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    Asia Miles 15% Bonus

    Surprised this hasn’t been posted yet however Asia Miles has a 15% bonus until end of January, you have to register first. Quite an attractive offer especially with the points expiry now gone if you earn or redeem within 18 months. Will be sending several hundred thousand over with remaining...
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    SYDNEY - Tour suggestions - Dec 2020 & NYE

    Continuing on from the recent Hobart discussion regarding December & NYE trips, like to hear some inspiration for Sydney... Travelling over from Perth 29 December for 5 nights, what ideas would you float on a reasonable budget? Like to be in Sydney for NYE however would you go out of your...