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    Domestic economy reward ticket availability

    Hey everyone, bit of a lurker coming out of the woodworks to discuss a possible change in reward seating availability? It seems like economy reward seats now correlate with the availability of saver lite tickets? As in, if the flight has saver lite fares for sale then there will be reward...
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    Bass Strait to the Black Sea.

    I went to Jordan in April, loved it! Petra is amazing, although I'll let your photos do the talking... It was already getting hot then, so I can only imagine it must be pretty steamy at this time of the year!
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    Scoot review OOL-SIN (19th June 2012) - Don't get me started!!! :@

    I just had a quick Singaporean holiday thanks to Scoot's initial launch pricing. And yes, the buttons on the armrests are located in a way that your legs will bump them and cause the "bong" to go off. It is a seriously poor design given the seats are already narrow, and any in-seat movements...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking these forums for a while under a different login, but seeing as I am posting this from the Virgin lounge in Sydney on what really is a status run (no matter how I justify it), I think it's time I got involved! It all began with a rewards credit card, the thought...