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    Switzerland 2022

    What a superb trip report, thank you ! Your unswerving determination and patience to navigate all the administrative protocols is nothing short of outstanding. I'm just so excited reading about your international travel experiences, and you've given me the resolve to get booking overseas trips -...
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    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus! [Offer Extended to Jan 16th 2021]

    Yesterday I received an email from Singapore Airlines, notifying me of an up to 15% points bonus transfer offer, from, among others, Amex Membership Rewards to Kris Flyer ! The offer ends 22 November and bonus points count towards the other Singapore Airlines status offer. The promotion details...
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    True - they keep reminding me that I've been a loyal card member since 1998 - though I remind them that period includes corporate credit cards, and that my current (and second) platinum charge card is from 2011. I do have 1.4m points. I was told by David in the cancellation team today that Amex...
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    That is true, and enjoy it - while you can. The other dance game I must play is that my corporate career years are behind me, and as a wealthy self-funded retiree, unless I want to go through the intrusive process of revealing every financial detail - only to be rejected - then I'm at the mercy...
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    My card renewal is the end of October. So I phoned the platinum charge card 1800 number and spoke with Viola in Sydney card accounts, and she then put me through to "the redemption team" - Vanessa, in Manila - who offered just 30k points. I thanked her and said I'd consider her offer. I then...
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    Is there a list anywhere of the hotels used for quarantine, and when?

    Which hotels in Canberra are quarantine hotels?
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    Ponant won't refund on cancelled cruise

    Wow, congratulations, and what a stressful and Herculian effort you had to make ! We booked Antarctica in March 2019 for January 2021. Here it is mid-November and Ponant still haven't officially cancelled the cruise. In the end, because we still want to visit Antarctica, we moved our cruise in...
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    Lord Howe Island - October 2020

    Thank you Keith for an excellent trip report ! I can *hardly* wait to be released from Lockdown Melbourne and to book a holiday here. It has been on my radar for a long time, and thanks to your terrific photos and report, I'm not going to hesitate to go. Thanks also for the accomodation...
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    Qantas Wine Issues

    Wow, BrockF, that is an extraordinary series of stuff-ups ! You are very patient. I have never (touch wood) had a problem with Qantas Wine or AusPost delivery, and I buy from Qantas Wine fairly often. Fingers crossed this resolves for you soon !
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    New Credit Card When Retired

    My best advice from my own experience is to obtain value-added cards a year or two before you retire. I kept my American Express platinum charge card, and lucked out on a Citibank Signature Rewards no-fee-for-life card with a very high borrowing limit, before I left the workforce full-time. It...
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    Byron Bay Recommendations

    For right-on-the-beach brilliance, and just out of Byron Bay proper and into Belongil, we LOVE Bluewater on the Beach - see Bluewater on the Beach – Belongil Beach Accommodation | Byron Bay Accommodation | Belongil Byron Bay. For hinterland, there are many fine AirBnBs in Myocum.
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    Ponant won't refund on cancelled cruise

    Congratulations, that is a great outcome ! Did you initiate a chargeback through Amex, or through the Ponant Australia office ? Would anyone know what laws apply for departures from Ushuaia to Antarctica and return ? And why refunds don't apply for deposits, and only fully paid ? FYI Our...
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    Ponant won't refund on cancelled cruise

    Knowing I paid with our Amex platinum charge card gives me hope, then. It was a $7k deposit with another $22k balance owing.
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    Ponant won't refund on cancelled cruise

    Have a read of their website at Sail with confidence | PONANT Cruises | Ponant, and see the screenshot attached. We'll be in the same boat, though for a cruise departing Ushuaia January 2021 for Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia. We'd paid a deposit April 2019 on Amex. We contacted our...