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Recent content by Mr Pumblechook

  1. Mr Pumblechook

    QANTAS to introduce A321P2F (Freighter) to fleet after massive AU Post deal

    Delivered to Jetstar in 2008 but the first two airframes are ~20 years old and I think they've had hard lives with at least one having had a tail strike.
  2. Mr Pumblechook

    OneSKY Air Traffic Control system 10 years late

    There's still capacity in the existing system so I doubt we'll see any effect. The article did give me a good laugh, though: "However the move was resisted by civil aviation controllers who were lined up for redundancies as two disparate systems supposedly became one." No part of that...
  3. Mr Pumblechook

    Let us know your most outrageous thoughts on any topic about flying

    I'd rather take a day flight in Y than an overnight flight in J. No exceptions.
  4. Mr Pumblechook

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    Although the ICAO code is B38M/B39M and the IATA code is 7M8/7M9. So while MAX isn't in the owner's manual, it's in other places and not just the marketing material.
  5. Mr Pumblechook

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    It's in line with IAG, which only talked about the 737-8 and 737-10 and didn't use the word MAX.
  6. Mr Pumblechook

    Bombardier to sell Commercial Aircraft Business

    The Dash 8 was sold to Viking, who already own all the other prop type certificates of Bombardier.
  7. Mr Pumblechook

    Question Fog [Why did Qantas have to divert? Other Carriers landed]

    It wasn't just QF. VA2 diverted to BNE (mentioned above), as did CX111 and AC33.
  8. Mr Pumblechook

    VA have a problem. Could this partly solve it ?

    The BNE schedule really doesn't work for a full Monday to Friday week on the US east coast. Your choice is to arrive on Saturday or 9 am Monday, and then you must hang around until Sunday to leave. On QF I could leave BNE on Sunday and arrive back Monday week but on VA I have to leave BNE on...
  9. Mr Pumblechook

    VA to withdraw from GET

    Buy an airline, scrap its old planes, buy it new planes, park the new planes, pay another airline partly owned by your major competitor to fly for you or just stop serving the routes altogether
  10. Mr Pumblechook

    Revised International Lounge Access Page

    I did get a good chuckle when I saw that the Plaza Premium Lounge is listed for Brisbane international again. No mention of food vouchers for SGs or 'new lounge opening late 2018' any more.
  11. Mr Pumblechook

    Stretching the B737 fleet

    Long gone. And the eggs are too far scrambled now - it's going to be an expensive and messy omelette. What will be interesting is now TT only have new A320s left on long term lease, what will they do with them when/if the next VA 737s arrive? You really shouldn't send an expensive, leased, 180...
  12. Mr Pumblechook

    Ask The Pilot

    It'll be the international flights that see the longest taxi times because the train line and roads are blocking a direct taxi route to/from the international terminal. Expected to be in the order of 20 minutes or so.
  13. Mr Pumblechook

    Stretching the B737 fleet

    Except those were new-build 787s while this 737 has been removed from mainline. Then the TT 320 that it's replacing will go to VARA, probably to operate on behalf of VA because as brettd says an A320 is not a like-for-like F100 replacement.
  14. Mr Pumblechook

    VA half yearly results to 31 December 2018

    There is nothing unusual about paying somebody else to do some of your regional flying. What is unusual is: leasing E Jets to do your regional flying buying a regional airline and paying top dollar to lease new ATRs for your new regional subsidiary parking the E Jets and the ATRs shrinking your...
  15. Mr Pumblechook

    VA half yearly results to 31 December 2018

    That's what I understood, too. Oldest VA 737s go to TT and the TT 320s go to VARA to operate on behalf of VA. Meanwhile still paying to lease aircraft that are in storage. Maybe it all made sense once but it doesn't any more :confused: