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    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    Currently in the Mel F Lounge with the Family, pretty quiet, nice spot of breakfast.
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    Qantas and Jetstar 30% off reward seat sale NOV21 - Domestic

    I find when the Qantas site is giving me trouble that clearing my browser cache and also deleting all the Qantas browser cookies seems to help with errors in search and booking. YMMV. I managed to book over a dozen flights for the next 6 months, time will tell if I can take them all 😀
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    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    As a reference point, had a AKL-MEL flight on the 1st AUG cancelled (expected), unable to change or get a refund online. (part of a nested trip which I was able to change part of online) As NB called at 2.15pm, offered callback, decided to stay on, answered @ 3.10pm by Hobart, extremely...
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    Australian state border restrictions

    Thanks, the general gist seems to thinks it’s OK which is what I thought, 25km limit only applies to Melbourne so Regional Vic travelers would be ok.
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    Australian state border restrictions

    A question for the AFF brains trust. Is someone from regional VIC allowed to travel to NSW from June 11 12.01am without isolating? the rules seem vauge (or I have missed something), NSW is lifting its stay at home rules, for people that arrived after 27th, so seems new arrivals are now ok to...
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    Double Status Credits for Points Club/Plus Members

    I just rebooked a couple of classic rewards, same flights, just started a new booking to make sure the seats were still available, then cancelled the previous and finished booking the new, all ticketed, probably did not need to redo, the credits won't do much for me this year, but only took a...
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    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    Crowne Plaza Melbourne Mar 26-28 Status: Platinum Ambassador Rate: Book Now, Pay Later Booked: Premium King Riverview Room Received: King Skyline Riverview Room ( Floor 7, minor upgrade) Status Recognition: Welcomed at check-in. Bonus points amenity, late checkout (unused) First time at this...
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    Free 2 x Qantas General Lounge Passes - expiring on 22nd March

    These passes are still available in case anyone is interested
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    Free 2 x Qantas General Lounge Passes - expiring on 22nd March

    Hi All, I was having a browse and noticed a few lounge pass posts, promoted me to check my passes and what do you know I have a couple expiring shortly. I have 2 x Qantas General Lounge passes which expire 22nd March, give us a shout if you think you could use 1 or both. Cheers
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    Airbnb COVID cancellations

    I suggest contacting AirBnB support, I had a prompt reply and the refund has already hit my CC
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    Airbnb COVID cancellations

    Seems like that might have been the case. I contacted the host last night and they responded that they were still happy to provide a full refund but had not seen anything. I contacted AirBnB this morning, outlined the issue and noted that most of the correspondence could be seen on their...
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    Airbnb COVID cancellations

    Curious, I have a similar situation for a booking in late April. I contacted the host and they kindly informed me they would approve a full refund (would have been 50%). I sent off the request and 2 days later received the "host has declined" which I thought was odd as we had had a pleasant...
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    New Zealand Introduces 14 Day Quarantine for All Arrivals

    I just cancelled my DSC trip, was due to fly out on the 24th, can't risk being isolated for 14 days :(
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    QBR DSC offer opens tomorrow (Book Feb 20 - 25, 2020)

    I just logged in to QBR and have the offer in the dashboard. We are Level 1 and have not booked anything since our rollover date end of last year.
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    BP Plus + Qantas Business Rewards (Earn up to 100,000 Qantas points)

    Approved yesterday. I gave them an estimate of 150 a week. A new BP opened 2 mins from my place on the way to the office conveniently.