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    Australian state border restrictions

    What airport was this Lynda? I'm flying into OOL. Does anyone know the current procedure there?
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    Accor price difference

    Was the price showing in USD?
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    Any updates on Melbourne T3 redevelopment?

    Has there been much news/updates on the planned redevelopment of MEL T3? Haven't passed by for a while. Their blog last year said everything should be completed by mid 2019...
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    Qantas WiFi (aka Qantas inflight Internet)

    I seem to always get WiFi planes on the trans Tasman routes, which I can't use, and hardly ever on the domestic flights. Why schedule the WiFi aircraft on trans tasman flights when it's just a waste??
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    International Upgrades - the pecking order

    Thanks. I would have thought Qantas would prefer the cash.
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    International Upgrades - the pecking order

    Does anyone know where in the pecking order the upgrade bid with cash/points slots in? I have a friend flying AKL-SYD with no QFF account offered to bid for his upcoming flight. Thanks
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    New international lounge arrrangements from 28 Oct 2018

    With the demise of the Air NZ/VA alliance fast approaching, has there been any formal announcement on likely lounge for Trans Tasman flights out of BNE, SYD and MEL? I can't recall reading it anywhere.
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    Linking Velocity number to SQ reward booking

    Hi there. I have transferred some velocity points to kris flyer to secure a reward seat on SQ. I keep trying to change my FF number to my velocity number in my booking but it never sticks. Always reverts back to my Kris Flyer number. Anyone know how else I can change it? I am Platinum with...
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    SQ 777-300ER First Class Update

    Thats great. Thanks so much for the detailed info. I guess if I book a 773ER with Premium Economy fare available it will be a safe bet it's a new F cabin :)
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    SQ 777-300ER First Class Update

    Does anyone know if all the SQ 777-300ER aircraft have now been updated with the new(ish) First Class fit out? Was looking at treating mum to an award flight and keen to show her the newer First Class cabins. If they have not all been updated, does anyone know if/when they will all be...
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    Velocity Platinum - now 80,000 points with referral link

    This was my first ever Amex card and it has been great value. For $349 per annum, you get a free return flight each year, and 2 virgin lounge passes to use on your free flight. Also, as a sign on bonus you get 80,000 points. If you would be so kind as to use my link, I will also earn 20,000...
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    Qantas Ultimate American Express: 75,000 Points, 75 Status Credits and Return Flight

    Re: Qantas Ultimate American Express: 75,000 Points, 75 Status Credits and Return Fli This is actually a great card. If you sign up, you get 75,000 QFF points but also 75 status credit and a free flight. I will get 40,000 points in you use my link. Would be great if you can use my link so I...
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    American Express Platinum Charge 110k Points with Referral (Apply by 1 May 2017)

    I all, as everyone else has said above, this card has a great sign on bonus of 110,000 membership points and I get 40,000 points if you use my referral link. The card also comes with a $300 travel credit. Would be great if you could use my link so I can treat my Mum on an overseas holiday :)...
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    AKL Int.premium checkin revamp May&June 2016

    Does anyone know if the Premium Check In has re-opened at AKL? I was travelling through Mid July and still wasn't open. Will be travelling through again in a couple of weeks. Cheers
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    100,000 velocity points for velocity platinum amex with referral

    For those wanting to get 100k velocity points, would be appreciated if you use my link which is here Thanks so much in advance