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    Big changes to earning United status in 2020

    Can you elaborate a bit further? I'll requalify for United Gold, but undecided what to do next year. Holding VA Plat and needed a second program for all the travel I'm doing to Asia. I think I only ended up going with United so I could do Comfort+ at booking when travelling to the US. Does Star...
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    Recommendations on itinerary (Aus -> Asia -> US and back again)

    I've got a busy November where I need to go BNE -> NRT/HND -> SIN -> SFO -> NRT/HND -> BNE Preference would be to use Star Alliance, and hopefully UA metal where possible so I can get Comfort+ as it's all going to be in Economy. I'm struggling to get this priced up. I think I can do the BNE ->...
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    Marriott comes to Canberra.

    So that's one of my work destinations finally sorted. Now they also need one in Wellington.
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    Virgin Australia Financials 2019/20

    How many others are close to a tipping point of ditching VA to head over/back to QF? All I see is pain on the horizon, similar to when QF went through all their pain before rising above to where they are now.
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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    It's amusing reading all the conspiracy theories.... I'm a bit of a lurker but after VA's recent "Something big is coming" from May thread and all the suggestions there and the massive letdown, why do people buy in so emotionally before any announcement?
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    United Airlines MileagePlus Buy & Gift Miles Up To 75% Bonus Through December 19, 2018

    I'm new to MileagePlus, how often do they have these bonuses? I noticed a 100% bonus one a few months ago?
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    70,000 Gateway points or move to Ascent?

    Called up AMEX the other day to see if I could move from my Explorer card to a Platinum Edge card. Was surprised when the operator offered 70,000 points to stay with the Explorer card. My job just changed, so a lot of travel expenses are going to go on the card. I think the yearly card fee is...
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    Made any travel mistakes lately?

    Was in Darwin for work. Had Jetstar flight schedule to Bali to meet my wife for our wedding anniversary, forgot the check in time difference for intl vs domestic and missed checked in by a few minutes. Meant my wife got to Bali a day before me, was not a happy chappy. Won't be making that...
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    Where should my SC's go?

    I'm a previous seasoned traveller, having obtained both QF and VA WP simultaneously. I'm about to commence a new job that is going to see considerable travel, and trying to get a lay of the land since it's been about 4 years since I've been travelling a fair bit. My current state is: -...
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    US award availability - is it T-330 or T-319?

    I'm looking to do a US trip in Jan 2019 with the family, and looking to use VA points where I can. I know US award availability is pretty scarce, so I'm doing my homework now to make sure that I can book as soon as they are released. I always thought the seats were released at T-330, but I did...
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    Is International Virgin Reward availability now worse that QANTAS?

    Probably only Silver unfortunately, just don't travel that often anymore. About 300 SC shy of Gold, and unless I do a status run, not likely to obtain it.
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    Is International Virgin Reward availability now worse that QANTAS?

    I've been out of the travel game for a while, but have over 300K VA points that I'm saving up for a US trip in Jan 2019. Should have about 400K by then if I'm lucky. Will be a family of 4 (2A 2C - 12 and 10 at the time). VA is still 330 days at release point for awards right? To get something...
  13. M - Amex promotion - Free Premium membership

    My account still shows the following in the discounts section: These discounts are currently active in your account 30% of Shipping Rates for American Express Cardmembers Your Annual Fee is waived courtesy of and American Express Thank you for shipping with us! Enjoy 20%...
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Have the first leg of my first ever Europe trip booked in July, and now trying to work out how to get home. Want to burn my AA points for J, can leave either Brussels (or somewhere nearby) around Aug 14/15. Anyone able to do a quick search for availability?
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    I bought a 2 month subscription to KVS, found the above flights, called AA, they can't see the QF leg as available but the CX is open. Guess I will try again tomorrow.