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    Joining Asia Miles and the best CC

    ANZ Black Rewards Credit Card is 1 Asia Mile to 1 AUD, if you use the Amex. If you use the Visa, it is 0.66 mile to 1 AUD. Current offer: No annual fee for the first year and 50,000 Reward Points when you spend $3000 on purchases within the first 3 months
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    APEC Travel Card Renewal - When does Stage 2 rules start?

    Anybody know if Stage 2 rules for renewal are implemented yet? If not, does anyone know when? The only info on the immi website was that they would be implemented in the coming months after November 2011.
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Has anyone tried using this card like a personal loan? I phoned Citi today to check something, and they offered to mail me a cheque for any amount up to my credit limit, and they will only charge 6.9% for the life of the loan. 6.9% is pretty cheap... cheaper than my share trading margin loan...
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    eco MasterCard by GE Money

    Everyone is going green! I wondered how long it would be until a card like this was launched. Basically you can feel good by GE buying carbon credits based on how much you spend on the card. GE Money eco MasterCard Do you think people will go for it? Or are we all too greedy trying to get as...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Hi One9, thanks for your comments. With regards to depositing funds to the broker account, I don't mean using a credit card through BPAY payment method. Some brokers also offer payment method by charging the credit card directly (VISA/MasterCard). It is up to the issuer to determine if they...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Hope someone might be able to answer my questions. Is it mandatory to have to fax them your recent payslip? Unfortunately mine have gone missing for a while now (my PA is still trying to find where they got to). Anybody just get approved without faxing documents in? Has anyone used this card...
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    A380 Wars - QF vs SQ

    Agreee. SQ's new Business is a bit over the top... the seats are so wide and are also so much more expensive. I think many companies would consider Premium Economy for their employees if SQ offered it, given how indulgent Business has become with SQ. So that may be why they don't offer Premium...
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    China Airlines Marketing Initiative

    Why are they scrapping these planes? Sure they are too old for Qantas, but I would expect Third World airlines would pay something for them.
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    Blue Sky

    Why is it poor value? For example SYD-BKK return need 40,000 points return under the promo, compared to 60,000 with normal Qantas Frequent Flyer program. Compared to cards where rates are 1 point per dollar then seems okay. If you compare to cards where rates are 1.333 points per dollar or...
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    China Airlines Marketing Initiative

    Suppose China Airlines now have a dedicated team to do this. Seems like they are becoming experts at covering up their logos since their subsidiary Mandarin Airlines crash in Hong Kong a while ago. Photos: Mandarin Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Incidents are just too common...
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    Air Asia to the Gold Coast

    Had to look up that word! Anyway, I think Air Asia is really low cost when compared to Jetstar or VirginBlue. They normally are always late, really late, their planes can be quite old and dirty, they don't normally use airport gates and use old buses instead to get you to and from the aircraft...
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    Anybody get waiver of annual fee for second year on Qantas AMEX?

    Oh another thing... anybody have link to no annual fee Gold AMEX? Can only seem to find the one that says spend $7000 and then free. Thanks!
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    28° Mastercard Cash Advances while overseas [No more free cash advances from 1/1/14]

    Anybody know how their currency coversion rates are? Do they use standard Mastercard rates or add a surcharge? Do they convert first to USD and then to AUD (ie. convert twice)?
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    Anybody get waiver of annual fee for second year on Qantas AMEX?

    Thanks for the info. Actually I had a Gold Credit Card before I got the Qantas one. Maybe I should just ask for them to reactivate that one but I think it had a fee if spend less than $7000 per year, but actually I don't remember they ever charging the fee even though I didn't spend that much.
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    Anybody get waiver of annual fee for second year on Qantas AMEX?

    Haha... Same thought did cross my mind before. Even if the terms and conditions allowed, I worry about if it would affect how AMEX treat me in the future. I am pretty sure they score and record notes on customer behavior. Didn't want to take advantage of them too much. Maybe I am too soft, but...