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Recent content by mikevictor

  1. mikevictor

    Question When is next anticipated double SC promotion?

    Hoping to see a global DSC come up soon *fingers crossed* I've got a heavy two months of domestic and an international to book in October.
  2. mikevictor

    Advice on getting 281 QFF status credits in a week

    Not that badly :) $$$$$ I reckon it'll be a case of knocking it over next member year. Just thought it worthwhile checking the wisdom of the community first. Appreciate the response though.
  3. mikevictor

    Advice on getting 281 QFF status credits in a week

    Hi all. I've got a BNE-MEL return trip (Flexi and Saver) and BNE-SYD-CBR-BNE (Saver, 2x flexi) trip booked before I hit the last day of my membership cycle. I just noticed I was (sort of) tantalisingly close to hitting Platinum and needed 281 status credits to get there. I'm thinking there's...
  4. mikevictor

    Hi AFF

    Quick intro - predominantly domestic business flyer with QF, adding a couple of international trips a year. Appreciate the valuable info and discussions the community provides! cheers, MV