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Recent content by MickC32

  1. MickC32

    What happens to all the grounded aircraft ?

    VA9XXX numbers are used for their freighter network. Not sure they are exclusively for freighters but all those I use are 9XXX numbers. Eg: VA9563 flies daily MEL-PER 5am scheduled departure.
  2. MickC32

    QF cutback backs - what’s next?

    While QF is still flying I'd think you are safe. AJ is probably banking on loyalty/points to give the group even more revenue. Launching Points Club in such difficult times probably points to that in my completely uninformed, humble opinion.
  3. MickC32

    SYD airside bag drop?

    Sometimes I feel that the big roll a board is a pain in the a$$, that's all. Generally I fly HLO but I was pretty sure my main bag would be over weight after collecting stuff for work so was prepared to check it. I was just under so carried it on.
  4. MickC32

    SYD airside bag drop?

    I just went HLO. I was surprised that I was within the limits and with the 3hr delay I wanted to be able to take up any flight options in case there was even more issues. The lounge team (who were really good this time) seemed to think I would need to go back landside to check my bag. They...
  5. MickC32

    SYD airside bag drop?

    Hi team, I'm flying SYD-PER this evening, if I take my bag throughto the QP have a shower and put on fresh clothes for the flight is there somewhere I can check my bag in airside? Or do I need to exit and go to the regular bag drop? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  6. MickC32

    Strange seat selection

    Please stay where you are and embrace this weirdo. If you could please grill them for their motivation and report back for us I think we would all be appreciative. # But still hoping you get upgraded!
  7. MickC32

    Has Qantas "enhanced" its points reinstatement challenge?

    Burn! Pass me the Aloe Vera. Sorry you have to engage with us lesser minded folks. Understanding things is hard :(
  8. MickC32

    Has Qantas "enhanced" its points reinstatement challenge?

    If you continue to play in their sandpit you will continue to earn points and your points will not expire. If you are genuinely concerned you can always hop out of the sandpit, it is not quicksand after all!
  9. MickC32

    Intentionally triggering a targeted 50% bonus SC promo

    No, I literally have no plans for travel til late Feb that I will book soon but have not yet searched for. My FF year ends Feb 28, I do not need any more SC this year, comfortably retaining gold but nowhere near platinum. Just about to hit lifetime silver and shoot me if I keep going long...
  10. MickC32

    Intentionally triggering a targeted 50% bonus SC promo

    I received a 50% SC offer yesterday. Book this week for travel up to mid May.....for travel to PERTH. I live in Perth! It did appear I could book any flights with a QF number to get teh 50% extra SC. Here's the kicker, I have not searched a flight on in at least 6 weeks. Maybe...
  11. MickC32

    Worse than feet on bulkheads

    I'm way more offended by the serial farter than feet on the bulkheads! (Not saying feet on bulkheads is OK by the way :))
  12. MickC32

    Boarding pass in Apple Wallet no longer

    On Monday I flew PER-ADL and loaded my boarding pass to me Apple Wallet as per normal. On my return on Wednesday the pass would not load on to the Wallet App from the Qantas App. I asked at the lounge for a printed boarding pass and mentioned to the lounge staff that I was unable to load the BP...
  13. MickC32

    Ask The Pilot

    With regard to crew rest areas, JB you've mentioned a few times that the airline puts them in because they have to but they do not have to make them comfortable (sorry for paraphrasing if I have it wrong). I was wondering if you have any intel on the current 787 rest areas and potential new ULH...
  14. MickC32

    Missing points claim - joke

    Phew! Haven't flown them since so really didn't know that. Thanks!