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Recent content by Mick1969

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    Discussion on Cats, Moggies and Felines in general [with Pictures]

    This is Caesar, purebred Ragdoll. He’s now 9 months old and 5.7kg, he is a monster. I am not sure what he was watching on the television.
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    Free Free - Two P1 QF lounge digital passes (First Class lounge included) expiring 31/05/2020

    Indeed a generous offer and I too would like to register an interest for the passes for a USA trip in November.
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    50% off IHG reward bookings, Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America

    The 50% offer is on again for IHG reward nights for Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Book between 7 August and 13 August for stays between 7 August and 27 October 2018. Combine with the current 100% bonus points purchase until 22 August for better value. I used this last year for the...
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    Gold yanked - thoughts?

    Yes. I actually know of a recent case where the banner appeared and status retained even though the status credits weren’t obtained. A new card for the status was issued with expiry 12 months later. This seems contrary to the no further status comps posts, however did occur without an offer to...
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    USA Air Traffic Controllers - Still safe to travel to the USA?

    I’m so glad I survived my multiple trips out of the USA over the past few years.
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    booking flights ($$$ or points/reward)

    Don't know if it helps but I can see reward flights, business CBR-BNE, and PE BNE-LAX on the 4th July for 88000 points.
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    Qantas high cancellation fee for accidental booking with points

    I'm having a guess that it was a Points plus Pay international booking with a $400 cancellation fee.
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    ANZAC Day Protocols

    i have attended the ceremony in Lae which must also be credited, the cemetery is thoroughly maintained. As a former service member (RAAF) and non-warlike service, for myself I would not wear any part of uniform with civilian dress, however, this is of course a personal choice. I also have...
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    New York in December - worth the inflated pricing?

    I just had a look, the rates for Crowne Plaza Times Square have increased dramatically, however points are still a good option with the current bonus. $900 USD a night v 60000 points, 3 nights can be had for $1000 USD (80% bonus points, 180000 for $1000 USD, it was a lot better a few months ago).
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    New York in December - worth the inflated pricing?

    I've also found reward nights at Crowne Plaza for New Years Eve to be exceptionally good value, although I believe the redemption rates have risen. When I last looked I could buy and redeem points for less than $300 a night when the cash rate was $1800. Edit: Misquote
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    I do like the new 10am check in for non-Intercontinental IHG properties for Spire.
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    Renewed the wife's Ambassador today and Spire is now showing until 31 Dec 2019.
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    No reward nights IC O2 London

    Possibly something in your preferences, perhaps log out and search, then log back in for the booking. I did a second search for dates in April and found availability then as well.