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Recent content by MELso

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    Have you had to change/cancel travel due to 2019 n-CoV (involuntarily or voluntarily)?

    Big thumbs up for Hilton! Have actually made money on two May stays at Hilton hotels in Tokyo and Nagoya that I booked last year after they came through with full refunds processed in under a week... (Now to try and cancel the flight with the OTA, which I suspect will be like having teeth...
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    COVID-19 in Japan and Japanese waters

    JAL has extended free cancellations to 30 April: Special handling for international tickets following the situation of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. - JAL International Flight
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    COVID-19 in Japan and Japanese waters

    Looks like JAL has extended the period for which flights can be cancelled to 5 April...
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    JAL PE to Europe from Australia $2243

    Also, there are fares as low as $670 for MEL-NRT in Y at the moment. Note they book into fare class O though, so no advance seat selection is available...
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    Spirits and liqueur deals

    Aberlour 12yo double cask scotch $59.95 at Dan's and 1st Choice: Aberlour 12YO Scotch Whisky 700mL | First Choice Liquor
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    Answered Best Economy class

    Indeed, but it's difficult to book JAL at a reasonable price two weeks out. Personally, I'd go QR if it's not on the 787. At any rate, the OP should jump onto ITA Matrix and see what's on offer.
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    BKK-CDG J 730$ 9W (Jet Airways)

    Ummm... Solvency?
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    BKK-CDG J 730$ 9W (Jet Airways)

    Book with extreme care: Jet Airways is going down the gurgler financially... Jet Airways grounds aircraft as new era beckons
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    JL/AY PEY Oz-Europe $2413

    The last day for premium economy on JAL from MEL-NRT is 6 May (EDIT not 3 May as I had stated but the loads are very full already). After that date, MEL-NRT will be flown by a 788 in E12 config (see: Boeing787-8 (788) / Aircrafts and seats). A few observations. First the NRT-HEL leg can be on...
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    Answered Any Emirates, Qatar, Ethiad discount codes?

    AUMCC17 for up to 8% off EK... May have to pay by debit MasterCard though...
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    BA invests in Norwegian

    Speaking of Norwegian Air’s financial viability, it looks like they may be lurching into a liquidity crisis. Norwegian Issues Statement on End-of-Year Shutdown Speculation Something to be mindful of if you’re looking to book tickets (which I was, although may book Ryanair instead)...
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    JAL business class Melbourne - Tokyo. Is it worth it?

    A spot of thread bumpage to resolve the ongoing question of what config the 787 is in on the MEL-NRT run going forward. JAL has fantastic connections flying MEL-NRT-HEL and there's usually an AY codeshare waiting at the end to whisk you off to wherever you need to get to in northern or central...
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    March 10th-17th Melbourne to Orlando flexible dates, cheapest price?

    Check Skyscanner, Kayak etc... Also need to know how flexible you are re dates etc...
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Latest Just Wines coupons (expiring at midnight tonight): GRAB50 for $50 off $175 and GRAB100 for $100 off $350. Just ordered some Oakridge Willowlake Pinot half bottles and more Red Claw chardonnay half bottles. Came to just under $300 (less CR)...
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    They've shipped my Red Claw pinot, chardonnay and shiraz half bottles purchased with the $100 and $50 coupons. Three dozen half bottles heading my way now. :-D