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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    I'm wondering if the open dated tickets might give special access to saver award inventory? Would be easy to display advantage only awards for new bookings, but allow tickets in credit to be used via manual booking.
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    No credit for business class flight on South African Airways P class will credit to quite a few programs, but not Lifemiles.
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    Jetstar stranding passengers with misinformation

    The OP's fried tried to get out before the last flight but was told they couldn't, and that the flight on 31st was still flying. That turned out not to be the case.
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    Answered Will points be refunded?

    cancellation = refund of points paid, not current value.
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    All International Arrivals into Australia to self isolate for 14 days

    Absolutely there are some things which should prompt us to think where we're heading. Data collection, loss of privacy, loss of rights at the border when we come in (seizing of phones), strip searches of minors by police. A 14-day quarantine in a 5* hotel isn't on my list.
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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure?

    It is (just a virus). But one without prevention or cure... unlike the flu. So unlike the flu we will end up with 10-15% unemployment. And others extending loans or lines of credit which they will need to pay back. Money for travel might be tight for a couple years. I tend to agree though...
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    Luxury Escapes - beware! There's another thread on AFF regarding QF and covid refunds. If QF has cancelled, they are giving cash refunds to everyone who asks, no questions, You just have to call them (which is the main issue). There is also...
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    Luxury Escapes - beware!

    The ACCC was providing general advice which is not applicable to all airlines. Qantas for example specifically states in their conditions of carriage that you can get a refund for any reason if the airline cancels your flight. There is NO get out clause for 'government restriction' or 'event...
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    Hydroxychloroquine - What Goes On?

    As stated previously, driving that far out of town is potentially going to take police resources away to question you instead of their other duties. So even driving out of town will have indirect implications for the fight against the virus.
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    Qantas booking cancellation (under covid19)

    Totally agree. And I don't think too many would hold it against qantas IF they were acting 100% fairly. They could have issued vouchers with no change fee AND no fare difference (so like-for-like cabin and class), they could have issued vouchers that allowed the purchase of a lower fare, with a...
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    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    i see what you mean, but it's two different things. The powers (and limits) of the federal parliament to make laws are set out in the constitution and can't change unless by referendum. There are 'administrative' aspects, such as the one you mention for determining salaries - but they are using...
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    Does Closing Beaches Make Any Sense?

    There are other articles out there - scientific - that suggest that sewage treatment may not completely eradicate the virus. They aren't certain, but there's a possibility. So on that basis, better to be safe than sorry :)
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    Does Closing Beaches Make Any Sense?

    Unfortunately, maybe not: Australia’s pristine beaches have a poo problem - CSIROscope At present, places where sewage impacts are generating community concern include Merimbula, Warrnambool and, perhaps most bizarrely, Vaucluse and Diamond Bay in Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs. It’s hard...
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    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    Not for the Federal Constitution. The only way you can change that is via a referendum. The High Court interprets the constitution.
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    Does Closing Beaches Make Any Sense?

    By the expert's own words he has said beaches should be closed!! I think we're agreeing with him :)