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    Cancelled Sector on Award Booking

    What are you seeing, and what is the call centre looking for? MSY-ORD only, or MSY-ORD-BNE? AA does marry segments, so the MSY-ORD may not be visible as a standalone. You could cancel the current MSY-ORD, that should be free of charge given it was an involuntary schedule change. You could then...
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    Have you had to change/cancel travel due to 2019 n-CoV (involuntarily or voluntarily)?

    yes - this was discussed in another thread a couple weeks ago now (also here on AFF). However, with the current virus, airlines are offering cancellations free of charge, as are hotels (etc). So there really shouldn't be any need for insurance as far as that goes. If you had already commenced...
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    Fewer Suites, but larger and plusher coming....

    Agree. Using F to DPS is turning what could be a 5 hour flight (non-stop ex BNE) into a 13 hour journey for little benefit. Save it for Tokyo.
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    Help with Expedia booking on VA via HKG

    I think the other poster might have been flying to Hong Kong only - in which case the 'refund or change destination' makes sense. As you are flying through to London, the choice would either be a full refund, or accept the alternative means of getting you to HKG to catch you Virgin Atlantic...
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    Question Anyone considered buying Virgin Atlantic miles

    it would depend on the offer. Do they have a special deal on at the moment?
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    award redemptions on partner airlines not allowing direct flights

    AFAIK, from many ports system-wide to/from HKG only. Add something like TPE to the itinerary and all of a sudden you'll find quite a few seats available.
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    award redemptions on partner airlines not allowing direct flights

    married segments to discourage business travellers taking advantage of 'free' (cough) seats?
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    Breeze & maybe Rex ?

    Dunno - but Aussie airlines keep buying up the world's fleets of F100s. So there must be some good reason for it.
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    AA Business Class domestic flights - Lounge access

    Look, they're not terrible. You have a choice of some veges, cheese, bagels, soup (sometimes a choice of two soups), chips or tortilla crackers, some cookies and brownies. Enough to make a snack out of. I would certainly put them as an overall equivalent to domestic Qantas Clubs. in airports...
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    Bali - immigration form no longer required?

    I used Klook, taking advantage of a 20% off sale for boxing day (although they have 'sales' of between 10-15% at regular intervals from what i can tell). There are at least three or four other providers. Beware that the initial price for fast-track often looks very low... around $20 - but that's...
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    Angry pax declines to Raise Reclined Seat During Service...

    Agree - but only on select airlines, and in select configurations. Most, if not all rear bulkhead seats have full recline (despite the blanket warning on sites such as seatguru which suggest otherwise). Qantas for example has full recline on all their long haul flights - not sure about the 737s?
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    Angry pax declines to Raise Reclined Seat During Service...

    yes yes, good point. Although the evidence suggests we need to sit reclined for health reasons BBC News - Sitting straight 'bad for backs' o_O
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    Angry pax declines to Raise Reclined Seat During Service...

    Apparently, before the footage, he allegedly punched her seat back.... rather than the persistent tapping we see there? So she was trying to get him to do the punching thing again.
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    First time in Bali - hotel recommendations?

    To round this out - arrival fast-track - well and truly worth it :) I have posted the experience here: Bali - immigration form no longer required? (post 17) As for departures... the thing I hadn't considered was that airlines seem to have a common check-in in Bali - so all flights are processed...
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    Bali - immigration form no longer required?

    Arriving into Bali last weekend (~midday) we were given a small yellow 'health check' form on the plane. On arrival there were a couple of temporary tables set up with more yellow forms, but this time longer with questions on them - where we were staying, contact details etc. Everybody filing...